Pence campaigns in Iowa, but Feedstuffs says speech falls flat |

Pence campaigns in Iowa, but Feedstuffs says speech falls flat

Vice President Mike Pence speaks in Iowa on Thursday at the the launch of the Trump-Pence campaign’s “Farmers and Ranchers for Trump” effort.
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Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Des Moines Thursday to launch “Farmers and Ranchers for Trump in 2020,” but Feedstuffs, a Minneapolis publication that interviewed farmers who attended the event, said the speech fell flat.

Pence brought up the usual Republican campaign themes of patriotism, lower taxes, deregulation and opposition to abortion. He also said that former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. would usher in socialism and decline. He ended with quotes from the late radio host Paul Harvey who wrote about why “God made a farmer.”

Pence also said that President Donald Trump had ushered in a period of prosperity, ignoring the low prices that farmers have experienced during the Trump years.

Pence pointed out that the Trump administration had approved E15 gasoline, but did not mention the small refinery waivers and other ethanol issues about that Iowa farm leaders addressed in a letter delivered to Pence in Iowa. (See following story.)

Pence acknowledged the storm this week that destroyed millions of acres of crops and killed several people.

But Feedstuffs headlined its story “VP Pence speech to farmers falls flat.”

Feedstuffs said that “To a room full of farmer supporters, his message came off more as a campaign speech, and less understanding of the devastation that just swept through the state days prior, to compound an already bad situation in farm country.”

Vinton, Iowa, farmer Lance Lillibridge told Feedstuffs that Pence’s speech did say “We put farmers first,” but as far as agriculture goes, Lillibridge said, there are a lot of misgivings about the Trump administration.

“We’re at our wit’s end with small refinery waivers and trade wars. And then this COVID thing. Now a huge storm blasts Iowa and steam rolls us.”

“We need more than a campaign speech right now,” Lillibridge told Feedstuffs.

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