PERC launches new Grain Drying Calculator |

PERC launches new Grain Drying Calculator

WASHINGTON — The Propane Education & Research Council launched a new Grain Drying Calculator tool to help producers determine the number of propane gallons needed each season using just three simple data points. The tool will allow users to estimate the amount of propane each operation will require, making it easier to fill tanks early and prepare for supply needs prior to an increase in demand.

Users of the calculator only need to input their average expected yield to determine the number of propane gallons needed to dry their crops by a specific moisture percentage. From there, PERC’s tool will calculate approximately how many gallons of propane will be needed.

“With simple inputs, PERC’s new tool provides a quick estimate to put producers in a good position well ahead of harvest season,” said Mike Newland, director of ag business development at PERC. “In the end, producers are ensured they have access to the propane they need while saving money in the process.”

There are many benefits for producers to use grain dryers powered by propane. These units provide the power necessary to dry large crop amounts on any schedule, which can curb hidden costs that aren’t normally factored in, such as yield loss. Plus, propane grain dryers are 50 percent more energy efficient than other fuels, and because it burns clean, the dryers are long lasting and help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

To use the new Grain Drying Calculator, visit

For more information about the Propane Education & Research Council and engines available for agricultural and industrial use, visit

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