Perdue issues labor memo in preparation for upcoming labor negotiations |

Perdue issues labor memo in preparation for upcoming labor negotiations

Donald Bice
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Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue issued a memo on how labor negotiations should be conducted, and also named a deputy assistant secretary for administration and his staff.

In a video to U.S. Department of Agriculture employees, Perdue said, “All too often when the subject of labor is mentioned, we all have a reflexive action; people act more adversarial and talk at each other rather than with each other. That ought not be. That is not the way I am, and that is not the way we will be as one USDA family.

“For USDA to be the most efficient and effective department in the federal government, we must function as one team. To do this, every USDA employee — no matter their title or role, no matter their mission area, no matter where you are across this great country — everyone must be accountable for faithfully carrying out the work of the American people with integrity, consistency, dedication, fairness, mutual respect and professional excellence each and every day.

“To that end, I will issue a memorandum that sets out basic guidelines for how we will approach such labor negotiations moving forward. In short, I want us to treat them much more like covenants we hold between us rather than contracts of things we must do or must not do. Good faith breeds good results.”

In the video, Perdue also introduced Donald Bice, the new deputy assistant secretary for administration, and said the Trump administration would revive the USDA Honor Awards program.


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