Peterson: Sheep trivia for the holiday season |

Peterson: Sheep trivia for the holiday season

A few years back, I created a “Cowboy Trivia” game. Now it’s time for a sheepherder trivia game.

I’m making trivia cards in business-card size, placing each pack of fifty questions and answers into wee plastic bags. Relatives, especially city kin, will all receive a sheepherder trivia game for Christmas. Here is a sample of the first fourteen trivia questions and answers. Watch this space for the complete game! Have fun!


1.What is a sheepherder?

a. A lead sheep in the bunch.

b. One who tends sheep.

c. A shy fellow who follows sheep.

2.What is mutton busting?

a. A way to sort male sheep from female sheep.

b. Prodding sheep through narrow alleyways.

c. Kids riding sheep in rodeo competitions.

3. What is shearing?

a. Cutting wool fibers into even lengths.

b. Keeping sheep from going over precipices.

c. Annual clipping of sheep wool off the animals.

4. What is lambing?

a. When a crook goes on the lamb.

b. Annual birthing of newborn lambs.

c. Sorting the male lambs from the female lambs.

5. What is a shepherd’s crook?

a. A sheep rustler.

b. A pen used for sorting sheep.

c. A tall “walking” stick with a curved end.

6. What is a flock of sheep?

a. Sheep with fluffy wool.

b. A group of sheep.

c. Sheep after they’ve had their wool shorn.

7. What is a band of sheep?

a. A musical group.

b. Sheep banded with plastic circlets to indicate male/female animals.

c. A group of sheep of a thousand or more in a bunch.

8. What is a sheepwagon?

a. A shelter on wheels where herders live while tending sheep.

b. A conveyance that takes a load of lambs to market.

c. Where newborn lambs are placed in inclement weather.

9. What is fleece?

a. A method of hoodwinking money from people.

b. The fluff on a housecoat.

c. The wool from a shorn sheep.

10. What is a sheephook used for?

a. To slide large buttons through wool sweaters.

b. To hang a carcass in the meat processing plant.

c. To hook a neck or leg of a sheep trying to stray from the bunch.

11. What is a bell wether?

a. One who pulls the bell rope on Sundays in the chapel.

b. A sheep with a breathing disorder.

c. A lead sheep wearing a bell at the head of the bunch.

12. What is a campstove

a. An open pit fire in the wilderness.

b. A small propane-fueled stove.

c. An iron boxy stove in a sheepwagon.

13. What is docking?

a. A place where ships can anchor.

b. Having funds deleted from a paycheck.

c. Cutting tails off newborn lambs.

14. What is a wool sack?

a. A woman’s tote bag.

b. An official Boy Scout sleeping bag.

c. The large canvas container into which fleece is stuffed. ❖

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