Petting zoo at NWSS was popular with small children |

Petting zoo at NWSS was popular with small children

One of the goats at the petting zoo. Many of the goats could be seen ramming their heads into the others — and the occasional leg — in the petting zoo.
By Samantha Fox |

It was an enclosed area full of small children, their parents ands grandparents, who could pet barnyard animals to their hearts’ desires.

The petting farm at the National Western Stock Show is one of the few activities that puts the kids right with the animals. Most of the kids were excited to spend time with the animals, and got the chance to feed them.

Nathan Poos, 2, of Merino, Colo., spent his time petting and feeding as many animals as he could. He’s used to farm animals, as they have them back home. For other kids, this was the first time they spent time with animals that are more than just a household pet.

Olivia Puentes, 2, of Broomfield, Colo., went around hugging the animals, staying close to the goats.

“I love them,” she shouted after she bent down to hug a goat laying on the ground.

The petting farm featured many goats and lambs, a few pigs, ducks, chickens, a donkey and a calf. There were also a couple of alpacas who stood as tall as the adults — a first siting for many of the kids.❖

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