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Pike’s Peak CattleWomen sew giant hamburger

Barbara Gieck and the Pike’s Peak Cattle Women’s giant hand-sewn hamburger.

Photo courtesy of Pike’s Peak Cattle Women Pike’s Peak CattleWomen

Barbara Gieck, with the help of a couple of other Pike’s Peak CattleWomen members, stitched up this “giant hamburger” from scraps of material that she had on hand. The burger has the “works” from the sesame seed-topped bun, the beef patty with charcoal grill lines, lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato, cheese, ketchup and mustard.

Barbara laughingly says she can’t believe that the lime green polyester lettuce was once a pair of pants that she actually wore years ago!

Barbara takes the “hamburger” to Colorado Springs classrooms where she incorporates it into a program on the beef industry and agriculture in their everyday life. She finds this to be a great interactive project for the students. She asks for their help in “building” the hamburger sandwich, starting with the bun. As the students add the beef patty and all the toppings, she comments on how each item was grown or raised on a Colorado farm or ranch.


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