Plains Edition Auction Calendar |

Plains Edition Auction Calendar

December 15

Stuckert Farm & Cattle Co. Retirement Farm Machinery Auction, Morrill, Neb., trks, lvstk equip, trctrs, combine, vhcls, plus more, (308) 436-4056.

December 15

Vic Hofman Estate Auction, Imperial, Neb., hshld, shop equip, misc, (308) 882-4437.

December 17

Land Auction, Kearney, Neb., 533± acres, (308) 380-8321 or (402) 679-6362.

December 18

Michael Wegener Implement, Inc., Cornlea, Neb., trks, trlrs, trctrs, combines, planters & drills, misc, plus more, (402) 923-1160 or (402) 920-0168. Page 13

January 30

Real Estate Auction, McCook, Neb., 570 acres, (308) 534-9240.

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Gardening on the High Plains


Steve Poet is an agricultural education teacher at the High Plains High School in Seibert, Colo. Although he has been working with kids for 20 years, this will be his fifth year at High Plains…

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