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Plains Edition Auctions

May 26

May Consignment Auction, Brush, Colo., lawn & grdn, lvstk equip, tool & shop equip, PU’s, car, campers, boats, ATV’s, trlrs, lmbr, storage sheds, golf carts, (970) 842-5575.

May 26

Lynn Auction, Palisade, Neb., antiqs, furn, hshld, trtr, shop, outdoor, mower, boat, (308) 285-3240.

May 26

Public Auction, Byers, Colo., trtrs, misc 3-Pt equip, shop equip, antiqs, clctbls, hshld, restaurant equip, misc, (303) 822-9298.

May 31

Brunner-Koolstra Auction, Kimball, Neb., antiq trtrs, car parts, antiq & newer autos, (308) 262-1150.

May 31

Alsbury Farm Auction, Imperial, Neb., trks, trlrs, farm equip, trtrs, combines, golf cart, 4 whlr, fert equip, cattle equip, (308) 882-4437. Page 26

June 2

Coghill Estate No. 2 Auction, Julesburg, Colo., antiqs, clctbls, lg RR clctn, glass, misc, (970) 474-3693.

June 2

Bodeman Trust Auction, Palisade, Neb., antiqs, hshld, farm equip, trtrs, shop items, trlr, car, antiq car & PU, golf cart, motorcycle, (308) 285-3240.

June 2

“Stark” Huge Auction, Aurora, Neb., pwr woodworking tools, trks, trtrs, combines, mach, vintage trtrs, mower, snowblower, outdoor items, lmbr, (402) 694-2216. Page 21

June 2 & 3

Jezek Estate/Real Estate, Antique, Collectible & Personal Property Auction, Hemingford, Neb., hshld, misc, clctr & modern tools & shop items, antiq furn, Box Butte Co. farm, 478 acres, (308) 436-4056.

June 7

Late New Holland Construction Equipment Plus Quality Farm Equipment Unreserved Auction, McCook, Neb., (800) WE-SELL-8.

June 9

CTR Ranch Equipment Auction, Cody, Neb., PU’s, lvstk hndlg equip, trtrs, shop equip, ATV’s, mach & equip, misc, (402) 387-1861.

June 9

Bryant Household Auction, Lake McConaughy-Yucca Heights, Neb., applncs, furn, hshld, guns, vehicles, trlrs, boats, scuba gear, sporting goods, propane tank, misc, (308) 239-4669.

June 9

Vance & Barbara Kilpatrick & Louvella Cook Household Auction, Grant, Neb., mowers, log splitter, furn, shop, yard & hshld items, (308) 352-7777.

June 9

Sundermeier Auction, Aurora, Neb., antiqs, clctbls, applncs, furn, hshld, lawn & grdn equip, tools, lvstk equip, trtrs, combines, shop equip, PU, 4-whlr, car trlr, misc, plus more, (402) 694-2216.

June 9

Hardt Personal Property Auction, McGrew, Neb., antiqs, clctbls, furn, hshld, farm equip, trtrs, combines, yard & shop equip, PU, tools, photography items, misc, plus more, (308) 436-4056. Page 20

June 9

Trimbach Estate Auction, Akron, Colo., trtr, trks, cars, tools, equip, antiqs, clctbls, (970) 474-3693. Page 25

June 11

J. Brogan & Sons Ranch Co. Ranch Equipment Auction, Antioch, Neb., trks, lvstk & hay equip, trtrs, crawler, skid str, PU’s, stock trlr, misc, (308) 239-4669.

June 16

Yapp Estate Auction, Sterling, Colo., hshld, 25+ Palenske Cowboys pencil etchings, glswr, pottery, jewelry, tools, riding mower, misc., (970) 474-3693.

June 16

Messing Estate Auction, Lodgepole, Neb., 1915 Model T, hshld, trk, trtrs, restored & horse-drawn equip, threshing machines, antiq items, rotary mower, steam trtr, misc, (308) 262-1150. Page 19

June 19

Two Gas & Convenience Stores Public Auction, Ogallala, Neb., (308) 530-0221 or (308) 534-9240. Page 46

June 23

Marlene Brown Auction, Ogallala, Neb., trtr, 4-whlr, antiq & clctbl, shop tools & equip, mowers & misc yard items, (308) 352-7777.

June 23

Wolever Real Estate Auction, Snyder, Colo., 1200 acres, (970) 842-5575.

June 26

Historic McMurtrey Ranch, Valentine, Neb., 26,332 acres, (308) 534-9240. Page 44

June 27

June Consignment Auction, Brush, Colo., trks, trlrs, fork lifts, skid strs, trenchers, trtrs, cultivator tools, hay, hrvst & support equip, fuel & propane tanks, plus more, (970) 842-5575.

June 30

June Consignment Auction, Brush, Colo., lawn & grndn, trlrs, lvstk equip, tools & shop equip, PU’s, cars, campers, boats, ATV’s, plus more, (970) 842-5575.

July 7

Sperber Estate Auction, Sterling, Colo., antiq furn, antiqs, clctbls, hshld, misc, (970) 474-3693.

July 13 & 14

Colorado Driving Horse, Mule & Carriage Auction, Brighton, Colo., (970) 785-6282. Page 21

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