Planing room additions in home remodeling |

Planing room additions in home remodeling

Apart from offering your home more living space, planning a room addition can be a great investment. However, before hiring a contractor the homeowner should first consider various factors. Some important considerations include construction cost, room size, architecture and competition time.

Before embarking on planning a room addition, it is crucial to first have a plan. You may want to find out your specific goals in terms of extra living space. For example: How many square yards? What type of room? What is return on investment?

After financial closure you can now concentrate on the size and scale of the work, as well as the architectural and appearance of the new room addition. The room addition must be of size and scale such that it improves the overall value of the existing home. Sometimes owners get obsessed and add huge amounts of fresh living space without adequate research on the external aesthetics. From a real estate point of view, additional living space improves ROI. But at the same time your home needs to maintain its exterior appearance as well. You have to consider components like elevations, doors and windows. All these items should coincide with existing home exterior smoothly and effortlessly.

If you don’t want to hire an architect then you should at least prepare some hand-drawn sketches for the new addition keeping in mind existing structure. The local building inspector my need them at the time of final permit. You may try some home remodeling software tools easily available in the market today that can help produce required drawings.

Next, take a while to determine completion time of the project and your commitment level. Many homeowners think they can do a lot more than they are either expert to do or have the time to do. Here I would advice outsourcing or sub-contracting out some part of the work such as framing plans, roofing, heating/cooling and architectural aspects of home. All of these items require skill, time and expertise. Before hiring any contractor you first thoroughly assess their experience, skills and price list and compare them with your budget and time.

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