Plant tomatoes, but wait to plant peppers |

Plant tomatoes, but wait to plant peppers

Richard Snell
Barton County Extension Agent

Time to plant peppers? Think again. While it may be time to think about planting tomatoes, it is still early for peppers. Early May is when I usually recommend setting tomato plants outside.

Peppers require consistently warmer temperatures to thrive and set early fruit. When cold nights develop, peppers drop their early blooms, driving the plant into a vegetative growth stage for a period of time before re-blooming. The result is a large pepper “bush” and little fruit. Wait at least 2 weeks after setting tomatoes before setting pepper plants. This is especially true for bell or sweet peppers.

So around May 10-15 would be about right for peppers. Maybe shoot for Mother’s Day, which you won’t want to forget, that will be the 10th.