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Poll: Trade positions reduce farmer support for Trump

A new Farm Futures survey shows farmer support for President Donald Trump has declined, mostly due to his positions on trade.

The poll of 924 farmers showed that 60 percent of farmers would vote for the president if the election were held today. That’s down from the 75 percent support Trump received from growers in the 2016 election.

While 24 percent said they would not vote for re-election, 17 percent were unsure. Only 78 percent of those who voted for the president in 2016 said they would still vote for him today.

“Trade seems to be the sticking point for the president’s wavering supporters because most farmers give Trump high marks in other areas,” said Farm Futures.

Growers overwhelmingly support the president on regulatory relief and immigration, but two-thirds agreed with the statement, “President Trump has not done enough to support the biofuels industry,” the Food & Environment Reporting Network noted in an analysis.

Only 8 percent of all growers voiced support for the president’s statement that “trade wars are good and easy to win,” with 40 percent believing “President Trump’s actions on trade have done permanent damage to agriculture,” Farm Futures said.

Only 14 percent said tariffs will be good for their farm’s profits.

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