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Pompeo tells Iowans Trump would walk from China deal

President Trump is willing to walk away from a trade agreement with China if it is not good for U.S. farmers, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Washington Trade Daily reported late Tuesday.

Pompeo spent Sunday and Monday in Iowa trying to assuage farmers’ concerns about the ongoing tariff war with China, WTD reported.

“The president’s determined to make sure that he protects his first client, his first obligation to the American people — in this case, the American farmer,” the secretary said in an interview released by the State Department, WTD added.

“This has to work for America. If it doesn’t work, we’ll keep banging away at it.”

Pompeo said he is confident that the United States will get a good agreement with China.

“We’re going to get to the right outcome. I’m confident that we will. And I’ve been around these trade talks with China, things are looking good. I think things are in a good place, but it’s got to be right, and we may have to make sure it truly provides a lasting benefit to American farmers.”

The outstanding issues in the ongoing trade talks with China revolve around Washington’s desire for structural changes, including intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer, Pompeo said in remarks to the Iowa Farm Bureau.

Successful Farming reported a farmer said there were “no surprises” in the visit by Pompeo, who was previously a Republican House member from Kansas.

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