Poss Angus Annual Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 02/04/0022

Location: Scotia, Neb.

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Sales Manager: CK6 Consulting Chris Earl and Wes Tiemann


77 older Bulls Avg. $6,012.00

123 yrlg. Bulls Avg. $9,796.00

200 Total Registered Bulls Avg. $8,340.00

Lot 25 Poss Winchester Sold for $245,000.00 to ST Genetics – Navasota, TX

Lot 1 Poss Rahwhide 1506 Sold for $90,000.00 to Katie Colin Farm- Cartersville, GA and Wilson Bros. – Elba, NE

Lot 26 Poss Remington Sold for $80,000.00 to Pine View Angus- Colesburg, IA

Galaxy Beef- Graham, MO

Mead Farms- Barnett, MO

Valley Oaks- Oak Grove, MO

Moon Creek Farms- Rock Rapids, IA

Haerr Farms- Mo

Crooked Creek Angus- Burlington Junction, MO

Lot 81 Poss Reno 1338 Sold for $30,000.00 to Capitol Angus – Whitehouse, TX

Lot 8 Poss Rawhide 1519 Sold for $ 30,000.00 to Alta Genetics – Rocky view County, AB

Lot 83 Poss Relevance 1619 Sold for $ 22,000.00 to Rhett Abernathy – Lander, Wy

Lot 77 Poss Reno 0915 Sold for $ 20,000.00 to Huwa Cattle Co.- Roggen, CO


The day was great from start to finish for Poss Angus. The morning for looking at the sale offering was very good. The Poss family put together a great set bulls lead off by the lot 25 bull. Congrats to the Poss family on a great sale.


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