Postal system history and innovative ideas |

Postal system history and innovative ideas

In this day and age the postman, male or female, known as the mail carrier, hardly ever rings the bell. If you are lucky to live in an older home the mail boxes are attached to the house. The newer areas, or if the house is sold, mail boxes are put outside by the curb.

E-mail and other delivery services have sharply curtailed the role played by the U.S. Post Office. As a result the Post Office is in deep trouble.

The United States Postal Service was established in 1711 while we were a British Colony. Since that time the Post Office has been operating on deficits requiring government subsidies.

The First U.S. stamps were used in 1847. Mail to the west coast was delivered by Pony Express from 1860 to 1861. Rail mail service ‘began in 1862, and air mail service started in 1918.

Throughout the years the Postal Service has served us well. Post Offices were the hallmark of every town. Above ‘the entrance was listed the name of the town, the state and the altitude. Zip codes were added later.

The cornerstone of the Post Office marked the date when it was built – along with the name of the Postmaster General who served at the time. Inside the Post Office hung portraits of the current U.S. President and Postmaster General.

Rain or shine, mail was delivered six days a week. That service may soon end. With the Post Office in dire straights, before long, the postman may no longer ring on Saturday.

With many bills being paid electronically, and the art of letter writing fast becoming a thing of the past, the Post Office soon may become as extinct as the dodo bird.

With the proposed closing of numerous Post Offices, the greeting card companies tend to suffer as well. Gift shops would suffer huge losses, leaving many people unemployed.

I may have found the perfect solution to the problem facing the Post Office. By becoming more diversified, the Post Office could sell other items and offer various services, such as issuing passports and other documents.

To lure customers the Post Office might include a Savings and Loan Bank. It’s an old saying that “money makes the world go round.”

What do you think of my brilliant ideas?

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