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Potato state legislators urge Vilsack to work on access to Mexico

Senators and House members from states that export produce to Mexico wrote Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this week to urge him to ensure its counter agency in Mexico honors the country’s trade deal with the U.S. and expedites the restoration of fresh potato exports there.

The letter comes in response to USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service accepting new demands by the Mexican government that will significantly delay and limit U.S. potato exports to Mexico in 2022, Sen. John Hoeven R-N.D., the ranking member on the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, noted in a news release.

APHIS’s decision was made despite a Mexican Supreme Court ruling in favor of U.S. potato producers, as well as the completion of successful site visits made by Mexican authorities to U.S. potato plants in Colorado, Hoeven said.

“Given that Mexico appears to be continuing to avoid its responsibilities to restore this access, we request that APHIS explain its decision-making process to agree to these unscientific and inconsistent demands,” the legislators wrote. “The U.S. continues to honor our side of this trade deal, and it is imperative USDA ensure that Mexico do the same.”


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