Pray for Ukrainians and for the world to take real action |

Pray for Ukrainians and for the world to take real action

I grow increasingly puzzled by the United States’s — and the rest of the free world’s — reaction to the war in the Ukraine.

The United States. and other countries are imparting sanctions on the Russian oligarchy and at the same time financing Russia’s war by buying oil from them.

And, speaking of financial sanctions, if I were a Russian oligarch, knowing the U.S. and other countries’ go to moves regarding Russian aggression, I would have pulled my money out of those banks before the tanks started rolling.

And the U.S. and the free world are helping to arm the Ukrainians but only after the fighting started — and now are having a hard time getting those arms to the Ukraine.

To make matters even more confusing, whenever we decide to sanction certain banks, we let the world know about it then say it will take place in 20 or so days. Way to give them a chance to take their money out of those banks.

In addition to not drinking any Russian vodka or buying Russian products, we should also make sure that U.S. companies and government officials divest of any financial investments they have in Russia.

I feel for the people of Ukraine and pray they will persevere, but they are fighting a country with nuclear powers, which if unleashed would do none of us any good. The world should keep that in mind as they tip-toe around with Putin.

I remember when I was in grade school during the Cold War and one of our classes was civil defense where we learned what to do if there was a nuclear war. I’m pretty sure those instructions were useless, but it made us feel better.

That Putin is even contemplating using nuclear weapons truly proves that he has no love for his own people.

In the meantime, this war is and will impact the agriculture industry including here in the United States. Already wheat prices are increasing because Ukraine is a major producer of wheat. But also, Russia and Belarus produce 40 percent of potash exports which could further increase the already high cost of crop inputs. The closure of shipping lines and ports in the region will also impact U.S. producers although we aren’t sure yet what that will mean.

We have already seen sky-high gas prices and those will only increase if we don’t open federal lands in the U.S. for oil production. That, of course, would take time so if that happens, we can’t expect to see immediate relief at the pump.

Add in the weather and government mandates, mostly involving WOTUS and climate change, and U.S. farmers are going to have to prepare for a challenging year.

These issues are impacting farmers around the world and threaten the world’s food supply. While you are praying for the people of Ukraine you might want to add a prayer for farmers everywhere so they can continue to feed the world.


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