Pre-animal science summer program at NCTA |

Pre-animal science summer program at NCTA

Curtis, Neb. – For students who are interested in a hands-on livestock production experience but don’t have access to it, NCTA is holding a condensed Pre-Animal Science program in the summer of 2007 at their campus in Curtis, Neb. The program is scheduled to run from June 11 through July 3, 2007.

Dave Smith, Agriculture Production Systems Department Chair at NCTA, feels that a program of this type will give students a broad overview of livestock production experiences. “We have students who come to campus who haven’t grown up in a livestock production environment, but need access to these types of experiences to better understand their fields of study,” states Smith. “This program helps to fill those gaps.” 

The program is ideally suited to students majoring in Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Veterinary Technology, or Production Agriculture.  Completion of the program will earn students 7 Animal Science Credits at NCTA. In addition, students will also have the opportunity during the session to help with judging and showing camps, as well as pig, lamb, and cattle shows.

Smith touched briefly on what students can expect to learn from the three class session. “Our goals for each student participating in the program includes learning low stress animal handling, natural horsemanship, animal handling safety, and biosecurity, in addition to quality assurance and production techniques,” he adds.

For more information about the Pre-Animal Science Summer Program, please contact Dave Smith, Agriculture Production Systems Department Chairperson, at or NCTA at 1-800-3CURTIS.


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