Presho Livestock in South Dakota sues Nebraska feed company |

Presho Livestock in South Dakota sues Nebraska feed company

Presho Livestock, LLC filed suit in Lyman County, South Dakota, against a Nebraska feed company last month. The litigation claims that 1,000 head of cattle were sickened, and over 40 died after the cattle company fed Rumensin purchased from Battle Creek/CHS, LLC, on Nov. 10, 2016.

According to a Kent Feeds website, the product can be fed to help prevent coccidiosis and to help pasture cattle convert feed better. But it is most effective in helping feedlot cattle utilize feed. “The greatest response to Rumensin is found in cattle fed diets with significant amounts of roughage. It is the ability of Rumensin to alter rumen fermentation so that more energy is created through the shift from acetate to propionate production. This shift in volatile fatty acids also reduces the production of CO2 and methane gases thus reducing the potential risk of grain bloat.”

According to The Daily Republic in Mitchell, S.D., the complaint reports that necropsies were conducted on 10 of the dead cows, with results showing severe pulmonary edema (fluid accumulation in the lungs) and myocardial necrosis (dead heart tissue).

The complaint says that Battle Creek/CHS was negligent in either manufacturing the Rumensin or properly advising consumers on how to use the product, and also negligent in it’s lack of warning of possible negative implications caused by the product separating or being compromised.

According to the Daily Republic, the complaint does not state an exact amount sought for damages but says it is less than $74,999.