Private pesticide training scheduled for southwest Nebraska |

Private pesticide training scheduled for southwest Nebraska

Private pesticide safety training has been set for Perkins, Chase and Dundy counties. Plan to attend one of the training sessions if your license is expiring or if you need to go to initial training. For training sessions outside Perkins, Chase and Dundy Counties check website

There is a $30 per person training cost for initial or renewal pesticide certification. Checks are preferred, made out to Nebraska Extension, due to new accounting regulations. Please bring your copy of the letter sent by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture if you are renewing your certification. If you received no letter, forms will be available to renew or certify for the first time.

Following the certification meeting or the completion of the self-study course ($60) the information is sent to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture that you completed pesticide training. Once you have completed training you need to become licensed. To become licensed you will receive a billing statement from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture for their license fee. The cost for a three-year private applicator license is $25. After the NDA receives your payment you will be issued a license. You will not be licensed for private pesticide purchase until you pay the $25 fee.

You can also obtain pesticide certification by attending and participating in a Crop Production Clinic conducted by Nebraska Extension. To attend the meeting online preregistration is required at and fee is $65 per applicator. For additional information contact Strahinja Stepanovic by email at

If inclement weather forces postponement of a training session, another date will be publicized or you can learn about the new date by calling our Extension Offices in Perkins (402) 352-4340, Chase (308) 882-4731, or Dundy County (308) 423-2021.

County Date Time City Location

Perkins 7-Mar 9:00 AM Elsie Elsie Legion Hall

Chase 8-Mar 9:00 AM Imperial Crossroads Wesleyan Church 1710 Wesley Drive

Perkins 8-Mar 1:30 PM Grant Perkins County Fairgrounds

Dundy 9-Mar 9:00 AM Benkelman Dundy County Fairgrounds

Chase 9-Mar 1:30 PM Imperial Crossroads Wesleyan Church 1710 Wesley Drive

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