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Putting meat on your meat goat

A mission to help the goat breeders produce more pounds of meat for market has been set by the 2011 4 S Goat Expo committee. Therefore the following speakers have been scheduled to bring this information to the producer.

Dr. Kenneth Adries, Animal Health Science Specialist (Extension) from Kentucky State University where he conducts research and extension work with meat goats. As part of his extension duties, Dr. Andries developed the Performance Testing for goats. Breeders enrolling in this program send information to Dr. Andries on their nannies, such as kidding ease, number of kids born and weaned, birth and weaning weights, nanny weight at weaning, etc. and from this information the breeder will receive back an evaluation ranking his nannies on their production. This form of evaluation is becoming a very useful aid to the producers enrolled in this program for selecting keeper nannies and bucks.

Dr. Frank Pinkerton, aka The Goat Man, will return to the Expo to share information on marketing of goats and goat meat. Specific topics will include: documentation of current and future shortages of meat goats; description of ways to increase the supply of goat meat to meet burgeoning demand; discussion of direct-marketing goats from producer to consumer; identification of ways to add value to goats and goat meat; demonstration of live-goat grades and carcass grades, retail carcass components, and boneless yield/price relationships.

Randy Saner’s, Lincoln County Education Extension, program is entitled “$ and Cents of Raising Sheep and Goats in Nebraska.” With the cost of feed this will be an important part of the winter and fall decisions breeders will be making regarding their herd.

The windup of the Saturday program will be a taco bar with Chevon meat Saturday evening followed by the breeders’ panel. The members of the panel are breeders John Scott, JoEllen Wiese, Roland Helberg along with Dr. Frank Pinker and Dr. Ken Andries. Moderator Jo Bek from NCTA at Curtis, Neb., will be directing questions to the panel plus questions that breeders bring to the Expo.

The Sunday morning program will start with the meat goat show at 9:00 and wind up with the auction that starts at 1:00. Throughout the Expo raffle tickets will be sold to win a doe donated by John and Janice Scott with the proceeds for the Expo expenses. Various vendors will be on the ground to show products for the goat breeder.

More information for registration, show and sale is on their website at: 4sgoatexpo.org or email jjfarm@cozad.net or call (308) 324-2768.

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