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Quick and easy jobs that can make a big difference

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply make improvements, chances are finances are a big consideration before you can go forward with any project. However, certain DIY projects around the house can do wonders to make over a home while not breaking the bank, either.

• Kitchen cabinets – Upgrading the kitchen cabinets can be a major improvement. While it’s rare to recoup the cost of refacing or replacing kitchen cabinets, painting them can add some new life to the kitchen, a room that is known to leave a very lasting impression on prospective buyers. While painting isn’t a great long term solution (so it’s not the best option for those who aren’t looking to sell), it can be a great short term solution, perfect for sellers.

• The foyer – The foyer is the first room any guests or buyers will see when entering your home, so it can be a great way to make a good first impression. If your foyer is currently linoleum, consider installing tile instead. Professionals often suggest removing linoleum because it’s less appealing than a tile floor. Natural stone tiles are a popular choice, but also more expensive. Porcelain is a cheaper alternative that can look very similar to natural stone tiles.

• The dining room – Homeowners can give the dining room a whole new look without spending any money on a new dining room set. A new overheard fixture in the dining room can drastically change how the room is seen. In general, keep the new fixture in line with the rest of the home. For example, while you might have dreamt about having a large chandelier in your dining room, if the rest of the home has more of a log cabin feel, this won’t match and will appear out of place. Keep the same theme in the dining room that exists in the rest of the home.

• The bathroom – Rather than a complete bathroom renovation, you can save money by making minor adjustments. Consider replacing the shower curtain with glass doors. A glass-door kit can be purchased at a nearby home improvement store, and it won’t take much time to install.

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