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Rabies found in 2 Weld County horses

Two horses in Weld County have tested positive for rabies. The horses were located on different properties and their cases were not connected.

This year alone, three horses have been euthanized after testing positive for rabies. The first case was confirmed in April in Logan County. The Colorado Department of Agriculture wants owners of pets and livestock to discuss the need for rabies vaccinations with their veterinarian and monitor their animals for any changes in behavior. Pet owners are also encouraged to discuss vaccination with their veterinarian if their animals are exposed to wildlife that could potentially transmit the disease to dogs, cats, horses, alpacas and other petting zoo animals.

“Animal owners need to primarily look for any dramatic nervous system changes such as muscle tremors, weakness, lameness, stumbling or paralysis,” said Dr. Keith Roehr, Colorado’s state veterinarian. “Those are some of the hallmark signs that the animal may be suffering from rabies.”

More unusual behavior might include: wild mammals showing no fear of people and pets, nocturnal animals becoming active in the daylight and carnivores such as skunks, foxes, bobcats and coyotes becoming aggressive and attempting to bite people and pets.

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