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Ranching for Profitability meeting March 8

The Ranching for Profitability meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 8 at 4:30 p.m. at the Kimball Event Center in Kimball, Neb.

The program will feature UNL Extension Specialists and Educators who will cover a variety of topics which can influence the profitability of ranchers.

Dave Boxler, UNL Extension Educator entomologist, will discuss “Fly Control Methodology for Pastured Cattle in Nebraska.” Stable flies, horn flies, and face flies can cause reduced weight gains, either from blood loss or cattle spend their time fighting flies instead of grazing. He also will discuss what pesticides to use, and when, to prevent fly outbreaks. Other pasture fly control methods, such as rubs, mist blowers, and spraying, will be discussed.

Dr. Darrell Mark, UNL Extension Ag Economist will walk participants through how to “Build A Marketing Plan For Risky Times.” It seems we live in a world of increasing market volatility and uncertainty. Dr. Mark will discuss the options to reduce risk in fluctuating markets.

Dr. Richard Randle, UNL Extension veterinarian, says pinkeye continues to be a problem affecting cattle performance. Randle will review the latest updates on methods of treatments and prevention. Also, there are growing concerns by the general public about antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance. Randle will answer the question “How can I be responsible with my antibiotic use?” with continued antibiotic effectiveness, to prevent residues in food, and avoid antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Cost of the program is $15. Please RSVP to the Extension office at (308) 235-3122 by March 3 for a meal count.

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