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Range Rights Symposium to be held in Omaha

Whether you’re a rancher, farmer, logger, miner, hunter or someone who uses land in order to make a profit, you want your efforts to achieve the best possible results, which is the goal of a Range Rights and Resource Symposium planned for May 19-20, in Omaha, Neb., at Bellevue University Auditorium. The event is sponsored by National Federal Lands Conference and Protect the Harvest, and supported by Range Magazine. The publication works on behalf of producers who live and work on the land and is the recipient of four consecutive Freedom of the Press awards.

Seminar attendees will find two fast-paced days filled with information and networking with 23 experts who will provide practical solutions on the proper management of national and private resources — in a totally different perspective than private/government interaction and relationships of the past 50 years. It’s time to keep current, learn what’s working and helping others, while taking the time to receive relevant education and knowledge that is essential to maintaining and improving future success.


■ Master of Ceremonies: Trent Loos, host of “Rural Route,” a one-hour radio show five days a week devoted to ag issues and people.

■ “Life, Liberty and Property,” Bill Norton

■ “Private Solutions for the Environment,” Megan Hansen/Strata

■ “Permitting Through the Local Noise,” Rob Brenneman

■ “Mineral and Timber Resource Economics,” Bruce Vincent

■ “Fire Ecologic and Economic Impact,” Travis and Zach Gerber

■ “Grazing According to the PLC,” Ethan Lane

■ “Grazing and Wild Horses,” David Duquette

■ “Predators, Wildlife and Their Impact,” Mike Bodechuk

■ “Farming in Fear,” Martha Boneta

■ “Family (Should Be Friends) Conflict or Cooperation,” Tim Smith

■ “The Case for Environmental Change,” John Duarte

■ “The Case for Transfer of Public Lands,” John Howard

■ “Bringing Voice and Environmental Control to Local Government,” Jim Carlson

■ “Property Rights/Split Estates,” Angus McIntosh

■ “Legal Tools, including Litigation, Coordination, and Other Options,” Todd Macfarlane

■ “EAJA and Other Threats to Ag, Ranching and Resource Development,” Karen Budd-Falen

“In God and the Constitution We Trust,” John Swallow

■ “Constitutional Case for Property Rights,” KrisAnne Hall

■ “Social Media Strategies,” Joe Kerry

For further information and tickets, visit http://www.rangerights.com.

Thanks to generous sponsors, the ticket price for both days, two lunches and a Friday night BBQ dinner is only $75, and also includes a tour of the acclaimed University of Nebraska-Lincoln Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center.

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