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Raymond presented service to industry award

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The Beef Reproduction Leadership Team presented Jerald Raymond with the Service to Industry Award on Aug. 30 during the Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. This award recognizes outstanding contributions of individuals working in the artificial insemination industry toward the application or increased use of AI and estrous synchronization by beef producers.

Jerald Raymond, from Menan, Idaho, is currently the beef coordinator for Select Sires MidAmerica and has also served as a beef specialist during his 39-plus year career with Select Sires. In his direct sales role, he has advised and directed many customers on how to have successful AI programs along with making maximum genetic improvement decisions for their operation. Additionally, he has been involved in developing new AI technicians through training schools including proper technique, the best practices of herd management, reproduction and synchronization.

His knowledge of available sires and reproductive management has benefited numerous producers over the years. Jordon Willis, a producer from Cokeville, Wyo., who has been working with Raymond for more than 15 years says he appreciates Raymond’s hard work, kindness and sincerity. “He’s not there to just sell semen, he truly cares and wants to see you, your family, and your operation to succeed,” Willis adds. Raymond’s reputation and respect within the industry has benefited his clients by matching their genetic product to the appropriate buyers.

Colin Barney, Barney Ranches Inc., Big Piney, Wyo., was introduced to Raymond after several years struggling to meet multiple selection goals with his own sire selections. “I have a vivid memory of calling Jerald after my steers sold in Torrington topping the sale,” Colin said. “I was in tears when I thanked him for his efforts. I know that his recommendations have more to do with that outcome than anything else.”

In addition, Raymond’s marketing efforts have been instrumental in connecting stakeholders from Select Sires representatives to Superior Livestock representatives, consignors, and buyers to help promote the value of AI sired cattle to the entire industry.

More than 165 producers, veterinarians, and representatives from the AI and pharmaceutical industries attended the Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Symposium. The Beef Reproduction Leadership Team’s mission is to optimize the productivity and improve the profitability of cow-calf operations by facilitating the adoption of cost-effective, applied reproductive technologies.

For more information about this year’s symposium, visit http://www.beefrepro.org.


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