Reading the West 1-18-10 |

Reading the West 1-18-10

The short – but getting longer – days of winter, cold temperatures, snow, wind and other conditions keep us indoors more than usual and that means it is time to read so here are a few suggestions.

“Images of America Buffalo” by Gil Bollinger and the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum, is mainly photographs, with detailed captions, that present the history of Buffalo, Wyo.

Judy Jullian and the Fossil Country Museum have provided a similar book in the Images of America series on the town of Kemmerer, Wyo., and there are other titles related to Green River, Powell and Platte County, all in Wyoming.

Another new nonfiction title of interest is “David Crockett in Congress” by James R. Boylston and Allen J. Wiener. This big, detailed Bright Sky Press book not only chronicles Crockett’s work in the United States Congress as a representative of Tennesse, but better yet, includes text of many original documents linked to that period.

For you fiction readers, especially those who like traditional Westerns, plenty of titles are out there.

“Tom Horn and the Apache Kid” by Andrew J. Fenady, is now available in paperback from Leisure Books as is Guild by Ed Gorman, “A Bullet for Billy the Kid” by Will Henry, a five-time winner of the Spur Award. Also included in Bullet are two other novellas: “Santa Fe Passage” and “The Fourth Horseman.”

Two titles from Wayne C. Lee are out from Leisure Books, “The Hostile Land,” a traditional story of a father and son who face off in the fight for land, and “Blood on the Prairie,” in which Wade Harper must deal with family and foe, somehow exposing a fraud.

Leisure Books is also now releasing books in its Classic Film Collection. Available now are “The Searchers,” the book that was the basis for the movie starring John Wayne and directed by John Ford, and “The Unforgiven,” the story for the film directed by John Huston and starring Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn.

Other picks for winter reading:

“The Durango Stage,” by Wayne D. Overholser, with its three stories, “Granger’s, Get Your Guns,” “It’s Hell to be a Hero!” and “The Durango Stage.”

Robert J. Randisi’s “Bounty on a Baron” wherein a Russian Baron has to learn a new way of bounty hunting using a handgun instead of a rifle and a knife.

“Trouble in Texas” is the first short novel in the Western duo “Lawless Land” by Les Savage, Jr. Young lawyer Lee Banner must sort things out after the old Navajo who took him in after he was orphaned is charged with the murder of an Indian agent.

Getting caught up with the secrets of the Wild West Dr. Elliot Carey’s life changes forever in “Trigger Vengeance” by John Trace, when Carey helps a train robber escape and finds himself trading his medical kit for a gun to save his own life.

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