Real Estate Guide 2010: Six reasons to love stainless steel |

Real Estate Guide 2010: Six reasons to love stainless steel

Glistening metal discretely mounted beneath acres of gleaming granite – clearly, this is not the utilitarian stainless steel sink your grandmother washed dishes in decades ago. Briefly deemed too industrial-looking by some designers to be included in contemporary, upscale kitchens, stainless steel is back, better and more beautiful than ever.

“A well-made stainless steel sink is the little black dress for your kitchen,” says Ken Fey, vice president at stainless steel sink maker Houzer Inc. “Stainless steel has transitioned from industrial applications like medical and food-service to residential use for very good reasons. Stainless steel offers exceptional hygienic and durability qualities, it ages gracefully and beautifully and it’s a ‘green’ building material.”

Stainless steel is again enjoying a place of honor in American kitchens. Here are six reasons to love stainless steel:

• It’s ‘Green’: The trend towards “green” building and decor is still going strong, with more homeowners, builders and designers looking for materials and practices that will reduce a home’s environmental impact. Stainless steel fits the “green” bill because it is recyclable. And modern stainless steel sinks are often made from recycled materials. In addition, stainless steel’s durability ensures years of use and beauty, minimizing the need to replace and discard older, worn out sinks – thereby keeping them out of the waste stream.

• It Looks Great: Gleaming, clean-looking with elegant lines, stainless steel easily pairs well with a range of decorating styles – from modern to contemporary to country. Stainless steel sinks also develop character as they age. Scratches in your enamel or solid surface sink might spell the end for the fixture, but stainless steel develops a patina of small scratches over years of use, lending it a natural depth of character that can easily be cleaned and buffed to shine like new.

• It’s Versatile: Versatility is as important as beauty in modern kitchen design, and new stainless steel sinks are more versatile than ever. With design options ranging from two- and three-bowl sinks and the ability to be mounted beneath countertops, to the capability of expanding a cook’s usable work space, stainless steel sinks afford wide adaptability.

• It’s Durable: Stainless steel is relatively light when compared to other sink materials, yet it offers strength and durability that ensure years of use when properly cared for. Modern styles achieve strength and a modern look without seams and mount well under the counter. Stainless is also easy to clean and naturally germ resistant.

• It’s Budget Friendly: Whether you have the budget of a home improvement show or a more modest amount to spend on your kitchen renovation, you can find a stainless steel sink to fit your budget. It’s possible to find an affordable, modest stainless sink for a few hundred dollars.

• It’s Timeless: Stainless steel lends itself to the classic clean lines of many contemporary kitchen designs, lifestyles and tastes. Once a stainless steel sink becomes the showpiece of a kitchen, its versatility and durability ensure that multiple owners will be able to use and enjoy it for many years.


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