Real Estate Guide 2010: Strategize for a speedy spring cleaning |

Real Estate Guide 2010: Strategize for a speedy spring cleaning

Spring time ushers in warmer weather and the promise of outdoor activities. But, for many, it also brings the irrepressible urge to stay inside to clean away the dust and dirt that have collected during the winter months. Whether you like to scour the house for a top-to-bottom buffing or you prefer to spread shorter cleaning sessions over several weeks, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a big chore.

Cleaning expert Linda Cobb, host of DIY-Do It Yourself Network’s “Talking Dirty With the Queen of Clean,” knows first-hand the struggles of maintaining a clean home and tackling spring cleaning. Here are some of her favorite tips to make this endeavor successful and short:

• Don’t clean your clutter. Spring is a great time to look through each room and remove things you don’t need or don’t use. Your housecleaning will be faster and easier with fewer items to scrub. Hold a garage sale to sell unwanted items or donate them to a local charity.

• Trim your product collection. Before diving in, gather all your cleaning products together and then get rid of what you don’t need. The cleaning aisle may be teeming with specialty products that promise to perform miracles, but you can avoid spending extra cleaning time and money by using a multi-purpose cleaner. Look for versatile products that you can use in all the rooms of your house and on many appliances and surfaces.

• Strategize your scrub down. Just thinking about tackling an entire home with all of its nooks and crannies can be overwhelming. To motivate yourself, start your spring cleaning in the room that requires the least effort. You’ll finish quickly, which will give you a sense of accomplishment and you’ll be ready to tackle another more challenging room.

• Gadgets get grimy. Some of the dirtiest things in your home are things that most people never think of cleaning. Use a multi-purpose solution to wipe down your remote controls, game controls, docking stations, cell phone, blackberry and iPods. Wash the globes on overhead light fixtures and dust light bulbs; it will make the room look cleaner and brighter. Don’t forget to do the same to your purse and briefcase, which visit so many dirty places every day and land on the kitchen counter.

• Spruce up with a scent: Make cleaning less tedious by using your favorite scented cleaners throughout the house. Try lavender to soothe moods or a citrus scent, like orange or lemon, to lift spirits and energize in the kitchen or rooms where children play.

Simple strategies like these can help you get your cleaning done so you have time to enjoy all that spring has to offer.


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