Reinke offers safety tips For checking irrigation equipment after flooding |

Reinke offers safety tips For checking irrigation equipment after flooding

DESHLER, Neb. – With flood waters beginning to recede on more than a million acres of farmland in the Midwest, growers will be wanting to restore their operations. Reinke Manufacturing is reminding you of some critical safety guidelines.

Wait for the waters to completely recede.

Contact your dealership to inspect your system for needed repairs or to restore power to your center pivot and other irrigation equipment.

Do not attempt to do this yourself as there could be additional electrical safety hazards due to debris striking electrical components on equipment, broken power lines and other unforeseen dangers.

Your local dealership has a great deal of experience with irrigation systems and will be more likely to notice additional damage, problems or needed repairs before you go on-site or contact your insurance company.

Be Aware – Some areas are requiring a permit before restoring any form of power. Your local dealership will know how to find this information.

Contact your insurance company to file a claim. Claims should be completed as soon as possible.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the farmers and ranchers who are suffering because of the historic flooding that has hit the Midwest,” said Chris Roth, Reinke President. “Many of us have never seen this level of flooding before, so we wanted to make sure growers are safe as they head out into their fields. Your safety is of the utmost importance.”


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