Resources to improve lamb quality |

Resources to improve lamb quality

Improving the quality and consistency of American Lamb continues to be a strategic priority for the Lamb Checkoff. “We sponsor educational conferences like the Lamb Summit and create educational resources including the lamb quality video series to help our industry focus on delivering a great eating experience for our consumers,” says Peter Camino, American Lamb Board chairman. “Our industry must commit to improve product quality and consistency to increase our competitiveness.”

During the Lamb Summit, Travis Hoffman, PhD, urged all segments of the industry to “begin with the consumer in mind” while making decisions, starting with genetic selections for animals that deliver quality and yield, feeding and timely marketing for maximum muscle and minimum cover fat, and proper carcass breakdown.

The Lamb Quality Video Series expands on Hoffman’s session, covering Lamb Carcass Characteristics, Quality Grading, Live Lamb Evaluation and USDA Yield Grades. This checkoff-funded series is in cooperation with Premier 1 Supplies, and extension services of North Dakota and Minnesota universities. A fifth video is in the works.

ALB offers a variety of resources to help producers address quality and improve production efficiencies at

The 2022 American Lamb Summit section of ALB’s Lamb Resource Center is a great place to start for presentations and news coverage.

A series of 12 productivity fact sheets help sheep producers determine steps to help increase their lamb crop.

A database of resources from universities, organizations and companies has been compiled, including resources on quality and productivity.

ALB has also gathered marketing analysis and reports on its website to assist the industry.


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