Richard Froning is NCTA’s Aggie of the Month for December |

Richard Froning is NCTA’s Aggie of the Month for December

Richard Froning is NCTA's Aggie of the Month for December.

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Curtis, Neb. – Richard Froning of Valentine, Neb., is the December Aggie of the Month on the NCTA campus.

Recognized as an outstanding student, Froning is enrolled as an Agriculture Production major and is a member of the NCTA Livestock Judging Team. He is also involved in the 100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage program at NCTA.

Livestock Judging Coach Ryan Stainbrook notes that Froning has consistently held the 2-3 position on the team and plays a vital role in the team’s overall success. He is also listed as the representative for the team within the NCTA Student Body Government.

Instructors recognize Froning’s inquisitive nature and dedication to his education, calling him a “good representative” for the institution.

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