RMFU Wyo. Session Feb. 7 in Cheyenne

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) will hold its Wyoming Farm Bill Listening Session Feb. 7, beginning at 12:30 p.m., at the Holiday Inn, 204 W. Fox Farm Rd., Cheyenne. Producers and other members of the public interested in any part of the farm bill are invited to attend and to express their opinions through the open microphone portion of the session, where members of the audience can ask questions or make comments.

All aspects of farm policy will be discussed, with panelists covering nutrition programs, conservation, credit, crop insurance, forestry service funding for public lands, wool and mohair act and other livestock programs, energy, rural development, trade, research, and commodity programs.

“It is important that we talk about what we would like in a farm bill,” said Ken Macy, Pine Bluffs, Wyo., and Wyoming’s RMFU board member. “I am encouraged that we may be able to write a meaningful farm bill in 2007. I also hope that we can implement programs such as the Conservation Security Program and country-of-origin food labeling, which were approved by Congress but never implemented.”

The session will not only focus on programs for agricultural producers. It will provide an opportunity for producers and consumers to interact and offer suggestions on nutrition programs, which make up more than half of farm bill spending. Farm spending, which includes nutrition programs, such as food stamps, the Women, Infants & Children’s program, and school lunches and breakfasts, is less than 1 percent of the federal budget.

“We welcome everyone with a concern for farm and food policy to attend this event,” Macy said. For more information on the listening session, please contact RMFU’s Wyoming Representative Scott Zimmerman at (307) 630-4050 (cell).