Rocky Mountain Ag Briefs 2-20-12 |

Rocky Mountain Ag Briefs 2-20-12

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet raised concerns to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack regarding the immigration problems and the challenges that Colorado producers face because of the problem. Vilsack and Bennet agreed that the agriculture industry needs immigration reform.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture is looking for 12 new members to serve on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board. Nominations are being accepted until March 16, 2012. The new members will replace 12 members whose terms expired in October of 2011. The new members’ terms will expire on October 31, 2014. The board was established under the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983. The 38-member board is responsible for designing programs to strengthen the dairy industry.

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A new online portal has been developed to help beginning farmers and ranchers. The web site, will be a vital resource to those starting out in farming and ranching. Topics included on the web site provide links to training, financing, technical assistance and other support services, as well as case studies. The purpose of the site is to help enhance the sustainability of future farmers and ranchers in America.

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A bipartisan effort has urged the U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Ron Kirk to support American bison exports. A letter was sent asking the administration to provide the United States producers with the tools they need to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The industry faces unique trade challenges that hinders it from reaching full potential.

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In calendar 2011, U.S. farm exports reached a record high of $136.3 billion. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack released a statement regarding the record year. He addressed the demand that the American brand of agriculture has created worldwide. He also talked about the innovation that American farmers continue to use to achieve high levels of productivity with technology. Vilsack breaks down the numbers for grains, cotton, dairy, pork and beef in his statement.

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