Rocky Mountain Auction Update |

Rocky Mountain Auction Update

March 5

Rescheduled Donald Rees Estate Land Auction, Elsie, Neb. 308-352-7777, 308-326-4314. See page 91.

Craig Wells Auction, Gordon, Neb. 308-360-1207, 800-726-1655.

March 6

Snyder Real Estate Auction, Kimball, Neb. 308-436-4056.

March 7

L&L Implement Auction, Yuma, Colo. 970-360-1207.

Windsor FFA Hired Hand Auction, Windsor, Colo. 970-686-8109. See page 78.

March 8

Antique and Classic Car Auction, Littleton, Colo. 800-973-1006. See page 94.

Dutton Farm Machinery Auction, Gering, Neb. 308-436-4056.

Land Auction, Seibert, Colo. 970-454-2062, 800-607-6888.

Land Auction, Lamar, Colo. 970-454-2062, 800-607-6888.

March 9

Farm Machinery Consignment Auction, Mitchell, Neb. 308-436-4056. See page 104.

Friday Consignment Auction, Greeley, Colo. 970-356-2998.

March 9

Large Consignment Auction, Wellington, Colo. 970-568-9828.

Spade Farm Auction, Loveland, Colo. 970-221-4300. See page 88.

March 10

Green Farm Machinery Auction, Bayard, Neb. 308-436-4056.

Commercial Building, Office and Shop Auction, Kimball, Neb. 308-235-2300. See page 92.

Elterdon Farms, Inc. Auction, Thermopolis, Wyo. 307-864-3345.

Antique Auction, Julesburg, Colo. 970-474-3693. See page 105.

Harold Drake Estate Auction, Ault, Colo. 970-353-2061. See page 48.

High Quality New Furniture and Combined Estates Auction, Eaton, Colo. 970-454-1010. See page 80.

McMurtry and Schroder Tools and Equipment Auction, Mitchell, Neb. 308-631-7134. See page 92.

Internet and Live Contractor’s Tool Auction, Cheyenne, Wyo. 307-637-4150, 877-996-4150. See page 82.

St. Vrain Young Farmers Auction, Longmont, Colo. 970-221-4300. See page 76.

March 10 and 11

Antique and Estate Auction, Loveland, Colo. 970-635-0044. See page 81.

March 11

Annual Farm and Antique Toy Auction, Julesburg, Colo. 970-474-3693. See page 105.

March 14

Nichols Cattle Company Machinery Auction, Wauneta, Neb. 308-882-4437. See page 87.

Multi-Parcel Absolute Real Estate Auction, Arapahoe, Neb. 308-962-7745.

Wadell Estate Auction, Salida, Colo. 719-539-8940, 719-539-4216. See page 74.

Construction and Contracting Equipment Auction, Henderson, Colo. 303-289-1600. See page 71.

March 15

Real Estate Auction, Imperial, Neb. 308-534-9240. See page 130.

Dietrich Outstanding Antiques and Outdoor Items Auction, Aurora, Neb. 402-694-2216. See page 93.

Storey Equipment Auction, Bridgeport, Neb. 308-262-1150.

Warren and Gerry Kennedy Retirement Farm Equipment Auction, Sutherland, Neb. 308-239-4469. See page 82.

March 16

Russell Retirement Farm Auction, Imperial, Neb. 308-882-4437. See page 87.

Friday Consignment Auction, Greeley, Colo. 970-356-2998.

March 17

Rees Estate Farm Equipment, Vehicle, Household and Collectible Auction, Elsie, Neb. 308-352-7777. See page 94.

Open Consignment Machinery and Equipment Auction, Ft. Collins, Colo. 970-482-6207. See page 78.

Bill Ballard Farm and Ranch Equipment Auction, Iliff, Colo. 970-522-4906.

Borges Vehicle, Tractors and Combine Auction, Gurley, Neb. 308-262-1150. See page 105.

Peppler Farm Auction, LaSalle, Colo. 970-356-3943. See page 77.

Jim and Clarice Michel Auction, Worland, Wyo. 307-864-3345.

Spring Cleaning Auction, Arthur, Neb. 308-239-4469.

Ashlock Equipment and Miscellaneous Auction, Sterling, Colo. 970-522-1950. See page 89.

March 19

Widener Farm Equipment Auction, Weldona, Colo. 970-842-5575.

Mastre Business Reorganization and Inventory Reduction Auction, Grant, Neb. 308-239-4469.

March 20

North Star Farms Auction, Saguache, Colo. 719-589-2116. See page 75.

March 21

Absolute Land Auction, Kit Carson, Colo. 800-476-7185. See page 146.

March 23

Friday Consignment Auction, Greeley, Colo. 970-356-2998.

March 24

Construction Equipment Reduction Auction, Loveland, Colo. 970-482-6207.

Madden Brothers Spring Consignment Auction, Torrington, Wyo. 307-532-7079.

March 25

Young Livestock Equipment, Collectibles and Household Auction, Pierce, Colo. 970-356-3943.

March 27

C&T Martin Pivot and Grass Land Auction, Imperial, Neb. 970-522-7770. See page 142.

March 28

March Consignment Auction, Brush, Colo. 970-842-5575. See page 90.

John and Joan Pieper Auction, Akron, Colo. 970-842-2822. See page 79.

March 31

Dean Farm Equipment Auction, Brighton, Colo. 970-356-3943.

March Consignment Auction, Brush, Colo. 970-842-5575. See page 90.

April 3

Sanstead CRP and Pasture Land Auction, Sterling, Colo. 970-522-7770. See page 142.

April 6

Hiram Hill Farm Auction, Briggsdale, Colo. 970-221-4300.

April 7

Lynn Downey Farm Equipment Auction, Wellington, Colo. 970-482-6207.

Schow Auction Service Spring Equipment Consignment Auction, Paxton, Neb. 308-239-4469.

April 14

Open Consignment Machinery and Equipment Auction, Ft. Collins, Colo. 970-482-6207.

April 16

Bollish Ranch Auction, Sterling, Colo. 970-522-7770. See page 141.

April 17

Cope Grain Elevator Auction, Yuma, Colo. 970-522-7770. See page 141.

April 20 and 21

Colorado Draft Horse and Equipment Consignment Auction, Brighton, Colo. 970-785-6282, 970-737-9082. See page 75.

April 21

Kreps Wiedeman Annual Consignment Auction, Gilcrest, Colo. 970-356-3943.

April 27

Joe Ward Tractor and Acreage Equipment Estate Auction, Loveland, Colo. 970-221-4300.

April 30

Robert Green Farm Auction, Prospect Valley, Colo. 970-356-3943.

May 7

Farm Equipment Auction. 970-221-4300. v

Livestock Update

March 6

Reyes Russell Bull Sale, Wheatland, Wyo. 970-587-2534.

March 8

Intermill Gold Rush 20th Annual Bull Sale, Brush, Colo. 970-834-2342, 308-762-5056. See page 170.

March 9 and 10

Draft Horse Sale, Kingman, Kan. 620-532-2035. See page 89.

March 10

Peak to Peak Bison Sale, Denver, Colo. 303-621-2663. See page 73.

Colorado State University Legends of Ranching Performance Horse Sale, Denver, Colo. 970-491-8373.

Flying Y 21st Annual Balancer and Gelbvieh Bull Sale Laramie, Wyo. 307-745-5929. See page 171.

Lee’s Cattle Company Third Production Sale, Brush, Colo. 602-541-8826, 970-768-7010. See page 183.

Joe Piz Dispersal Horse Sale, Platteville, Colo. 303-489-1497, 719-688-3374.

Rabbit Creek Ranch 13th Annual Bull Sale, Livermore, Colo. 970-482-1088. See page 23.

Western Colorado Angus Association 31st Annual Bull Sale, Delta, Colo. 970-274-3223. See page 172.

March 12

Plateau Red Angus “Tomorrow’s Genetics Today” Bull Sale, Ogallala, Neb. 970-334-2200. See page 184.

March 14

Marshall Cattle Co. Bull and Female Sale, Burlington, Colo. 719-346-8984. See page 172.

March 15

John Hawk’s High Altitude Bull Sale, Delta, Colo. 970-323-6811.

March 17

Altenburg Super Baldy Bull and Female Sale, Ft. Collins, Colo. 970-568-7792. See page 167.

Grays Angus Ranch Second Century Performance Bull Sale, Harrison, Neb. 308-668-2520. See page 189.

March 19

Summitcrest Performance Angus Bull Sale, Broken Bow, Neb. 800-422-2117.

March 22

Back to Grass Angus Bull Sale, Brush, Colo. 970-345-6397, 970-352-5409.

Creekside Charolais Bull Sale, Sterling, Colo. 970-854-3039, 785-672-3195. See page 169.

Schuler Red Angus Silver Anniversary Bull Sale, Bridgeport, Neb. 308-262-0306, 308-586-2004. See page 189.

March 23

Top Cut Angus Bull Sale, Benkelman, Neb. 785-325-2089, 308-423-2894. See page 185.

Lisco and M Diamond 15th Annual Angus Bull Sale, Glenrock, Wyo. 307-358-3810. See page 188.

March 24

Croissant Red Angus Annual Production Bull Sale, Briggsdale, Colo. 970-656-3545, 970-222-6094. See page 168.

Calving Ease Plus 31st Annual Production Bull Sale, Ft. Collins, Colo. 970-491-6642, 970-217-6233. See page 167.

March 28

Cardinal Charolais Bull Sale, Hillrose, Colo. 970-847-3345. See page 169.

March 29

Complete Holstein Dispersal Auction, Beatrice, Neb. 785-379-9774, 913-897-4121.

March 31

Emerson Angus Back to the Ranch Bull Sale, Laramie, Wyo. 307-742-0671, 307-760-0237.

Figure 4 Grass Genetics Production Sale, Eckert, Colo. 970-929-5181. See page 170.

March 31

Northeast Colorado Bull Test Association Bull Sale, Akron, Colo. 970-522-3200, Ext. 283. See page 31.

April 1

Johnston-Morgan Show Wether Sale, Grover, Colo. 970-895-2317. See page 23.

April 2

Reyes Russell Bull Sale, Saratoga, Wyo. 970-587-2534.

April 4

Black Ranches, Inc. Nine Irons Seedstock Producers Annual Production Sale, Antioch, Neb. 970-759-6975, 308-760-6225.

April 5

XYZ Limousin Bull Sale, Delta, Colo. 970-864-2267, 970-864-2206. See page 193.

April 7

Texas Select Easter Spectacular Whether and Breeding Stock Sale, Pueblo, Colo. 719-680-7765.

April 9

CSU Beef Improvement Center Commercial Angus Bull Sale, Saratoga, Wyo. 307-327-5339, 970-491-2722. See page 173.

April 14

Sixth Annual Lamb, Pig and Goat Sale, Boulder, Colo. 303-517-0981.

Seedstock Plus Eastern Colorado Bull Sale, LaJunta, Colo. 877-486-1160.

April 20 and 21

Open Consignment and Catalog Horse Sale, Loveland, Colo. 970-493-3036. See page 174.

May 12

18th Annual Spring Horse Sale, Henderson, Colo. 303-688-3763. v


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