Rocky Mountain Mystery Photo 4-28-14 |

Rocky Mountain Mystery Photo 4-28-14

Tom Fletcher of Arvada, Colo., identified the object as a hand cranked ropemaker or twister. Threads form the strands and the strands are formed on the three back hooks and twisted counterclockwise and the whole rope twists the strands together clockwise forming a rope.

Do you know what this is?

Dave Rajewich of Grand Junction, Colo., is wondering if any of our readers know anything about this mystery object.

If you think you know what this is, then send your answer to the Fence Post Mystery Photo Contest. Please include your address and phone number.

If your guess agrees with our experts’ opinions, then we’ll toss all the correct answers in a hat and draw a winner. We’ll reveal the answer in next month’s Mystery Photo Contest. Entries can be mailed or faxed to (970) 352-7164.

The deadline for this month’s Mystery Photo Contest is Friday, May 16, so feel free to send in your answers and take a shot at winning $10 from the Fence Post.

We have a winner!

We received six entries for last month’s mystery photo!

Whiskers Kocheuar of Northglenn, Colo., identified the object as an elevator key. It is used to force open elevator doors. He uses one five to six times a day!

Jeannette of Fort Collins, Colo., sent in the object.

Congratulations to Whiskers Kocheuar and thanks to Jeannette for sharing this mysterious photo with our readers.

March object update

Alex Hines of Clifton, Colo., thinks the object is the framework for a square ore bucket for hoisting ore out of a mine shaft. It was boxed in with wooden timber.

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