Roger Thompson: Horsin’ Around 11-21-11 |

Roger Thompson: Horsin’ Around 11-21-11

Shorty Huffman and I have been friends for a long time. Why he took a liking to me has always been a question in my mind … but for some reason I’ll never figure it out. I guess I shouldn’t question it and take it as a blessing. So, as I was shuffling through some old letters the other day and came across two poems he had given me and read through them .. Then I decided to use them because I liked what they said.

A rugged, trail worn ‘ole cowboy with

black hat, tattered & with a hole,

Moseyed into the school bus office,

having in mind only one goal.

To the supervisor, a man of distinction

with pressed three piece suit & tie,

This ‘ole cowboy shared his desire;

to lasso himself a bus driving job; do or die.

The supervisor, being calm, not easily stirred,

Asked for this old chap wearing,

spur token man’s experiences.

“Wal, I’ve done a little bit of it all,” he said.

I’ve rode bulls, broke horses,

shoveled poop and mended fences.”

“I’ve lived under the stars,

sleeping on saddle and bedroll;

I’ve moved cattle on outfits big and small,

Sometimes bugs, snakes and my big

bay gelding my only companions.

Yes siree, I’ve done it all.”

“Impressed I am,” the supervisor shouted

with joy, “Go straight over to training, they

are ready to welcome such a good ‘ole boy,

especially one with experience in reining.”

A month went by and then one day,

without warning or prior alarm,

the ‘ole cowboy showed at the office,

demanding final pay, flappin his jaws

and flinging his arms.

“I’ve lived through desert with no rain in sight,

I’ve been near froze to the bone a time or two,

I’ve been in ways where I had no choice but

to fight, once, I darn near died from the flu.”

“I’ve been stomped by a bull and run over

by a horse, shot by accident while hunting a bear,

beat by a woman for following my own course

and I’ve been down to my long johns

with nothing to wear.”

“But this driving school bus is the

meanest thing I’ve ever done.

Rotten kids, mad principals, moms and dads,

I swear I’ve found the mean ones, everyone,

Without a doubt I’ve drove all the ones

that are bad.”

“I’m not a quitter though; no I’m truly not,

but these little darlings and their parents

have me hot and have flat given me the

worst beaten that I’ve ever got.”

“So I’ll bid you adieu.

No hard feelings, no regrets or remorse,

I’ll find something new to do, in the desert

with snakes and bugs and my old horse.”

~ Shorty Huffman


Prior to his retirement, Roger Thompson was a CHA certified instructor of advanced Western horsemanship and beginning English riding.

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