Roger Thompson: Horsin’ Around 2-7-11 |

Roger Thompson: Horsin’ Around 2-7-11

Another beginning to a new year, 2011. I would like to say that I have gotten all my work done around the place and it is in ship shape. But it has been cold and windy and lots of snow, in most places except for where I live. Cold and windy, yes but the ground has not had that much moisture for growing feed this next summer. So I’ve been sitting by the fire and watching a lot of movies. However I got to thinking about my life and how I got to this point.

After reading “Self Matters” by Dr. Phil it got all of this gray matter working to try to figure it out. From where I see it there is a bunch of these people running around. Then the other night I ran into an old friend at the store. Now the grocery store is my social hour because I meet so many folks that I haven’t seen in a while and spend an hour or so just visiting and catching up on what is happening in their life.

My friend explained to me that he hadn’t read the book because he felt the same way I did. He explained that he feels that his position in life is to help people work through their problems. He is an ex-cowboy who loved what he did and did not want to leave that kind of work. But, could not make a proper living for his family by cowboying because it didn’t pay well enough. So he quit his job and went to work with the sheriff’s department, I don’t know that that was much better for wages except it had medical benefits. Seemed his son had high dollar medical bills.

This friend has been in law enforcement for years because he loves the freedom of being on the road every day in a big country like Larimer. He also gets to help folks solve their difficulties as well as protecting them from the bad guys. The pay for a cop is not all that good, as with teachers but there is something in these folks that gives them a contented feeling with the way they are living their lives and I think that is what Doctor Phil was talking about.

Don’t misunderstand me because I think that contentment means that all the bills are paid and you are living a “story-book happy-ever-after” life. What it does mean is that, if you ask, God gives you the peace of mind to work through the financial problems as long as your family has a roof over their heads and enough food on the table, even though it may not be fancy. But it takes both husband and wife with the same inner contentment to make this harmonious and peaceful existence work. But when it is working there is more time to devote to the children and get into their world as a whole family.

I am envious when I see this harmonious kind of life in families around me and I, also work with the children of the other families and see the discontentment of the kids who don’t have much to do as a family.


Prior to his retirement, Roger Thompson was a CHA certified instructor of advanced Western horsemanship and beginning English riding.

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