Rousey SimAngus Bull Sale |

Rousey SimAngus Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 02/12/2022

Location: North Platte, Neb.

Auctioneer: Kyle Schow

The pens stayed busy sale morning with people looking at the sale offering.


• 132 Yearling SimAngus Bulls Averaged $5,806

Top Sellers:

Lot 1 Sold for $10,500 Rousey 1092J, DOB: 01/28/2021; Homo BLK; (38 SM / 62 AN); SIRE: LD Capitalist 028; MGS: CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z.

Lot 18 Sold for $10,500 was Rousey 1014J, DOB: 01/17/2021; Homo BLK; (25 SM / 75 AN) . Sold to Brad Schluter, Wood Lake, NE.

Lot 9 Sold for $10,250 was Rousey 1115J, DOB: 02/01/2021; Homo BLK; (25 SM / 75 AN). Sold to Hanson Farms, Elsie, NE.

Lot 63 Sold for $10,000 was Rousey 1287J, DOB: 02/25/2021; Homo BLK; (50 SM / 50 AN); Sold to Mark Child, Cheyenne, WY.

Lot 119 Sold for $9,750 was Rousey 1108J, DOB: 01/31/2021; RED, (28 SM / 72 AN) . Sold to Scott Kreutzer, Loomis, NE.

Lot 115 Sold for $9,750 was ROUSEY 1048J, DOB: 01/25/2021; RED; (28 SM / 72 Red AN) Sold to Kent Coudeyas, Burchard, NE.


Rousey SimAngus brought together a stellar set of black and red SimAngus bulls deep in quality. Congrats to the Rousey family on a terrific sale.


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