Saddle bronc riders jockey for position at the College National Finals Rodeo |

Saddle bronc riders jockey for position at the College National Finals Rodeo

CASPER, Wyo. – Saddle bronc riders made the most of their opportunities on Thursday night at the 71st annual College National Finals Rodeo.

The top three positions in the overall standings changed during the third performance. Leader of the pack is Riggin Smith, representing Clarendon (Texas) College. He also took the lead in the third round with a 79.5-point ride on Frontier Rodeo’s Short Cake.

Smith is making first appearance at the CNFR and is a sophomore whose hometown is Winterset, Iowa. Behind him is Logan Cook, from Panola Junior College who was 76 points in the Casper Events Center on Thursday night. Smith has a total of 234.5 points and is dominating the event after finishing second in the first round and winning round two. Cook is now in second place with 223 points.

Moving into third place on Thursday was Tegan Smith, also from Clarendon College who is a cousin of Riggin Smith. Tegan Smith has 222.5 points and the duo is helping Clarendon College in their quest to win a national team title.

A freshman from Southwest Texas Junior College took the lead in the steer wrestling on Thursday after being the most consistent in the field. Tyler West has had times of 4.1, 4.3 and 4.9. He leads the rest of the field by nearly two seconds with a total time of 13.3.

There are new overall leaders in the team roping as well. Cyle Denison and Ross Ashford from Hill College have a total time of 21.1 seconds on three runs. They moved Jhett Trenary, Tarleton State University and Dylan Jones of Clarendon College to second place with 22.9.

The fourth performance of the CNFR will be start at 7 p.m. Friday in the Casper Events Center. Third round winners and Saturday’s championship round qualifiers will be determined.

The following are current leaders after the third performance at the 71st annual College National Finals Rodeo, June 13, 2019 courtesy of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Complete results are available at

Bareback Riding: (third round) 1, Chance Ames, Sheridan College, 81.5 points. 2, Chance Merrill, Coffeyville Community College, 80. 3, Jesse Pope, Missouri Valley College, 79. 4, Leighton Berry, Weatherford, College, 75.5. 5, Cole Reiner, Casper College, 75. 6, (tie) Klancy Krenka, College of Southern Idaho and Tyler Johnson, Panola Junior College, 74. 8, Shawn Perkins, Montana State University, (total on three) 1, Chance Ames, 236.5. 2, Jesse Pope, Missouri Valley College, 232.5. 3, Chance Merrill, 231. 4, Tyler Johnson, 227.5. 5, Leighton Berry, 226.5. 6, Cole Reiner, 222.5. 7, Will Martin, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 217. 8, Klancy Krenka, 216.

Tie Down Roping: (third round) 1, Kolton Mazoch, Wharton County Junior College, 8.5 seconds. 2, Haven Meged, Tarleton State University, 8.8. 3, Colton Campbell, California State University – Fresno, 9.2. 4, Judd Grover, Iowa Central Community College, 9.3. 5, Trey Recanzone, Central Washington University, 10.1. 6, Kasen Brennise, Weatherford, College, 10.2. 8, Ty Harris, Texas A&M University – Commerce, 11.0. (total on three) 1, Haven Meged, 26.4. 2, (tie) Ty Harris, and Colton Campbell, 28.9. 4, Kolton Mazoch, 31.4. 5, Kasen Brennise, 32.4. 6, Cody Burnside, Central Arizona College, 32.7. 7, Wyatt Williams, Tarleton State University, 33.1. 8, Chasen Thrasher, University of Tennesee – Martin, 33.8.

Breakaway Roping: (third round) 1, Mia Manzanares, McNeese State University, 2.2 seconds. 2, Kassidi Hofman, Kansas State University, 2.4. 3, Abbie Shofner, New Mexico State University, 2.6. 4, Erika Thigpen, Southern Utah University, 2.9. 5, Taylor Munsell, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 3.0. 6, Jacey Thompson, Eastern Wyoming College, 3.2, 7, (tie) Shelby Boisjoli, Ranger College, and Madison Steele, Trinity River College, 3.3. (total on three) 1, Taylor Munsell, 7.4. 2, (tie) Shelby Boisjoli, and Bryrana Lehrmann, Texas A&M University, 9.1. 4, Celie Salmond, Montana State University, 9.9. 5, Janey Reeves, University of Idaho, 10.2. 6, Kassidi Hofman, 17.6. 7, Jacey Thompson, 18.0 (on two) 8, Whitney DeSalvo, University of Arkansas – Monticello, 4.5.

Saddle Bronc Riding: (third round) 1, (tie) Riggin Smith, Clarendon College, 79. 2, Logan Cook, Panola Junior College, 75. 3, (tie) Lathan Lyons, McNeese State University, and Jack Bentz, Treasure Valley Community College, 74. 5, (tie) Lane Schuelke, Casper College, and Dawson Dahm, Panhandle State University, 73.5 each. 7, Tegan Smith, Clarendon College, 73. 8, Chance Masters, Fort Scott Community College, 72. (total on three) 1, Riggin Smith, 234.5. 2, Logan Cook, 223. 3, Tegan Smith, 222.5. 4, Carter Elshere, Gillette College, 219.5. 5, Jack Bentz, 216.5. 6, Dawson Dahm, 215.5. 7, Cooper Thatcher, Panhandle State University, 213. 8, Cameron Messier, Feather River College, 212.

Steer Wrestling: (third round) 1, Kolby Bravos, Feather River College, 4.5. 2, (tie) Marshall Still, Mid Plains Community College, and Seth Peterson, University of Wyoming, 4.6. 4, Walt Arnold, Cisco College, 4.8. 5, (tie) Connor Gentry, Missouri Valley College; Tyler West, Southwest Texas Junior College; and Gabe Soileau, McNeese State University, 4.9. 8, Austin Schneider, Missouri Valley College, 5.0. (total on three) 1, Tyler West, 13.3. 2, J.D. Draper, Mid Plains College, 15.0. 3, Gabe Soileau, 15.4. 4, Ty Everson, University of Wyoming, 15.5. 5, Nathan Weyrich, Central Wyoming College, 15.6. 6, Seth Peterson, 16.2. 7, Connor Gentry, 17.8, 8, Rooster Yazzie, Western Texas College, 18.2.

Goat Tying: (third round) 1, Erryn Hodson, Weber State University, 5.8. 2, Maddee Doerr, Cochise College, 5.9. 3, Kati Murphy, McNeese State University, 6.1. 4, Ashleigh Young, McNeese State University, 6.2. 5, (tie) Mia Manzanares, McNeese State University, 6.3 and Lauren Bane, Sam Houston State University, 6.3. 7, (tie) Emma Hodson, Weber State University, and Emilee Pauley, Black Hills State University, 6.4. (total on three) 1, Maddee Doerr, 18.2. 2, Emma Hodson, 18.9. 3, Beau Peterson, Panhandle State University, 19.2. 4, (tie) Mian Manzanares and Lauren Bane, 19.3. 6, Erryn Hodson, 19.4. 7, (tie) Teisha Coffield, University of Wyoming, and Jacey Thompson, Eastern Wyoming College, 20.0.

Team Roping: (third round) 1, (tie) Lexis Andrade and Calgary Smith, Walla Walla Community College; and Wyatt Muggli, Texas A&M University – Commerce and McCoy Profili, Hill College, 4.4 seconds.3,(tie) Casey Thomas, Utah State University – Eastern and Caleb Hendrix, Utah Valley University and Colton Campbell, California State University – Fresno and Brushton Minton, West Hills College, 5.0. 5, Kasen McCall, Stephen F. Austin University and Clayton Lowry, Panola Junior College, 5.1. 6, William Griffel and Colten Fisher, Northwest College, 5.6. 7, (tie) Jhett Trenary, Tarleton State University and Dylan Jones, Clarendon College; and Bodi Dodds and Cole Dodds, California State University – Fresno, 6.0. (total on three) 1, Cyle Denison, and Ross Ashford, Hill College, 21.1. 2, Jhett Trenary and Dylan Jones, 22.9. 3, Chase Onaka and Sterling Humphry, Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo, 24.2. 4, Wyatt Hershberger, Cochise College and Junior Zambrano, Central Arizona College, 24.7. 5, Cord Kohleffel, and Kaine Warnken, Texas A&M University, 26.1. 6, Clay Elkington and Cody Burnside, Central Arizona College, 28.1. 7, Bodi and Cole Dodds, 32.8. 8, (on two) 4, Kasen McCall, and Clayton Lowry, 12.0.

Barrel Racing: (third round) 1, Haley Finnegan, Lassen Community College, 14.33 seconds. 2, Ashtyn Carlson, College of Southern Idaho, 14.38. 3, Maddy Dickens, Tarleton State University, 14.39. 4, Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State University, 14.42. 5, Kelsey Lensegrav, University of Wyoming, 14.45. 6, Julia Stazinski, Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo, 14.47. 7, (tie) Karson Bradley, Central Wyoming College and Madison Rau, South Dakota State University, 14.50. (total on three) 1, Ashtyn Carlson, 43.00. 2, Haley Finnegan, 43.06. 3, Rachael Calvo, University of Wyoming, 43.30. 4, Maddy Dickens, 43.49. 5, Julia Starzinski, 43.55. 6, Madison Rau, 43.69. 7, Bristan Kennedy, Weatherford College, 43.80. 8, Makayla Seely, Casper College, 43.87.

Bull Riding: (third round – only four rides) 1, Daylon Swearingen, Panola Junior College, 79. 2, Nate Hoey, Lamar Community College, 78.5. 3, (tie) Colten Fritzlan, Western Texas College, and Ross Freeman, Panola Junior College 76.5. 5, Greg Shannon, Treasure Valley Community College, 75. 6, Brett Garza, Wharton County Community College, 74.5. 7, Nick Pelke, Iowa Central Community College, 73. 8, Parker McCown, Hill College, 70. (total on two) 1, Daylon Swearingen, 161. 2, Colten Fritzlan, 158.5. 3, Caleb McMillan, Northwest College, 156.5. 4, Nick Pelke, 149.5. 5, Jake Peterson, Chico College, 140. 6, (tie) Nathan Hatchell, Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Chase Wimer, Walla Walla Community College, 13.7.5. 8, Parker McCown, 136.5.

Men’s All-Around: 1, Caleb McMillan, Northwest College, 195 points. 2, Colton Campbell, California State University – Fresno, 155. 3, Brushton Minton, West Hills College, 105. 4, Caden Camp, University of Wyoming, 50.

Women’s All-Around: 1, Mia Manzanares, McNeese State University, 185. 2, Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State University, 75. 3, Janey Reeves, Idaho State University, 65.

Men’s Team: 1, Panola Junior College 500. 2, Clarendon College, 385. 3, Tarleton State University, 375. 4, Hill College, 355.

Women’s Team: 1, McNeese State University, 325. 2, College of Southern Idaho, 230. 3, Tarleton State University, 210. 4, (tie) Lassen Community College; Northwestern Oklahoma State University; and University of Wyoming; 180.


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