Safety on the farm pays dividends |

Safety on the farm pays dividends

GREELEY, Colo. – Colorado Livestock Association members lead the industry in their commitment to creating a safe workplace for their employees. The CLA Safety Group Program has been in place since 2001, and was designed to reduce Workers Compensation costs by promoting safety and claims management on farms and ranches.

The 2017 performance results locked in at the end of September 2018 and the CLA Safety Group performed to a 29.6 percent loss ratio, outperforming the required 55 percent loss ratio to receive a Group Dividend. Due to these excellent results, CLA Safety Group members will be returned $234,172 for the 2017 year. Since the CLA Safety Group Program began in 2001, the program has paid out $1,907,070 in Safety Group Dividends to its members. These premium dollars are returned to safety group members in the form of a dividend based on their operation’s safety performance. Group members have now received a dividend for the fourth year in a row.

Livestock production presents a wide range of workplace safety exposures that pose unique challenges. Hazard awareness and effective safety training are key to reducing injuries and fatalities on the farm. The Safety Group Dividend is an indication of livestock producer’s commitment to provide a safe workplace for their families and employees.

CLA provides safety program resources and training materials as well as assistance in development of effective safety programs for its members. In order to be eligible for the CLA Safety Group Program, a company must be a current CLA member, must have two full policy periods of continuous worker’s compensation experience, meet Pinnacol Assurance’s underwriting eligibility guidelines, have a formalized safety and return to work program in place, and utilize Pinnacol’s Select Net providers.

Learn more about the Colorado Livestock Association Safety Group Program by contacting the CLA office at (970) 378-0500 or

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