Sale Report Jamison Quarter Horses |

Sale Report Jamison Quarter Horses


TFP Rep: Drew Feller

Email Address:

Date of Sale: Oct. 4 2019

Location: Quinter, Kan.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar

Sales Manager: United Livestock Brokers, Inc.


• 42 Ranch Geldings Average $8,282

• 1 Saddle Mare Average $20,000

• 48 2019 Foals Average $2,460

• 23 Broodmares Average $2,521

• 6 Kids’ Ranch Ponies Average $3,167

• 120 Total Lots Average $4,691


• $25,000 Driftwoods Fox, 2012 Buckskin gelding (SNW Northern Frost x WC Driftwood Buck). Buyer – Paul Ranch, Colo.

• $16,000 JA Colonel Rain, 2014 Sorrel gelding (JA Colonel Frostwood x A Night Train). Buyer – Dalmont Ranch, Okla.

• $14,000 Driftwoods Lonsum Jo, 2014 Buckskin gelding (Driftwoods Jo x Five Star Joe). Buyer – David Brown, Colo.

• $12,000 JA Winnwood Cline, 2011 Gray gelding (PC Citisun Cline x Wily Frosty Wood). Buyer – Leroy Young, Oklahoma.

• $11,000 Cause Ima Rebel, 2009 Sorrel gelding (Rebel Jeb Stuart). Buyer -Vicki Kinser, Tenn.

• $10,750 PC Go Guy 1126, 2013 Bay gelding (Peponita Cedar 1126). Buyer – Leroy Young, Okla.

• $10,500 Stanwood Frost, 2015 Buckskin gelding (PC Stan Wood x DVA Maxi Driftwood). Buyer – Anderson Cattle Co., Colo.

$10,500 KN Ratchett, 2011 Sorrel gelding (KN Fast Fast Freddy). Buyer – Tenneson Equine, Wash.

Saddle Mares:

• $20,000 Bet On Risto, 2013 Sorrel mare (Bulletproof Risto). Buyer – Paul Ranch, Colo.

2019 Foals:

• $7,750 2019 Dun colt (PC Frost Em Peppy x Three Jay Colonel). Buyer -Taylor Ranch, N. Mex.

• $4,500 2019 Dun filly (Roosters Shorty x DVA Maxi Driftwood). Buyer – Dugo Livestock, Cal.

• $3,900 2019 Sorrel colt (Roan Bar Valentine x PC Citisun Cline). Buyer – Worden Ranch, Tex.

$3700 2019 Bay Roan colt (PC Frost Em Peppy x Wilywood). Buyer – Shafer Ranch, N. Mex.


• $6,250 PC Laughing Delluxe, 2005 Bay mare (PC Laughing Sundust x Docs Oaks Sugar). Buyer – Cowan T4 Quarter Horses, S. Dak.

• $6,000 Roosters Racy Letters, 2006 Bay mare (Roosters Shorty x Capitol Letters). Buyer – Weeks Ranch, Kan.

Kids’ Ranch Ponies:

• $5,000 Badger, 2013 Gray pony gelding. Buyer – Bob McConville, Neb.

• $4,000 Jasper, 2013 Bay pony gelding, Buyer – Glaze Family, Kan.


Jamison Quarter Horses presented a standout offering of performance bred horses for their 16th annual Breeders & Ranchers Production Sale. A 23-state crowd of horsemen from across America were at ringside for the two day Performance Preview/Sale event staged at ranch headquarters, Quinter, Kan.

Sun Frost, Driftwood and Hancock performance bred horses from western Kansas’ big ranch country… that’s the program. Arena caliber ranch horses are the program goal. Stallions PC Frost Em Peppy and PC Citisun Cline (Sun Frost), JA Colonel Frostwood (World Ranch Versatility Champion Three Jay Colonel x PC Laughing Sundust), JA Frostwood Drift (DVA Maxi Driftwood x Sun Frost), Roosters Shorty (Gallo Del Cielo) and Driftwood Courage (Captain Courage AAAT x Docs Oaks Sugar, Orphan Drift) sire first class, versatile, all-around horses to fit that goal. The JA broodmares are anchored by granddaughters.

Ranch horses and well started ranch and arena prospects are the annual sale headline. Also featured were outstanding 2019 foals, JA program broodmares, and a fancy set of ranch ridden kids’ ponies. A full house crowd of ranchers, breeders, trainers, arena competitors and youth riders bid actively on all classes of horses. The success of this event with its proven bloodlines and quality stand as testimony for the equine industry’s respect for the JA brand and their well recognized AQHA Ranching Heritage breeding program. ❖