Sanders: Help someone in their time of need |

Sanders: Help someone in their time of need

This time of year always seems to pull at the heartstrings. Families and individuals have their own busyness to get through with the holidays, yet they are mindful of those who are less fortunate.

Churches and stores put up “angel trees,” from which one can take a card, read the needs and fulfill them. One such request at our church is from a little boy who asked for a pillow and a blanket.

That would make nearly anyone cry to think that is at the top of his list. Angel trees often include adults in nursing homes too.

Before we had all of the privacy laws that we currently live under, it was easier to find someone to whom you would bestow some blessings. Now it is next to impossible to identify individuals, which just makes it a little less personal, yet no less appreciated by the recipient.

“Perhaps the most important, and certainly the most personal gift, is time.”

Yet I remember many years ago when a local service organization tried to deliver a Christmas meal and all of the trimmings along with a few additional gifts, the man of the house declined to accept them.

Though outwardly their abode appeared to be lacking and the family looked destitute, they were truly content. They urged the gift givers to take their offerings to someone who really needed them.

It was not a matter of pride to turn down the donations. The father just knew there were others who were truly in need.

I knew a couple that had a profitable year on the ranch and wanted to help others. Since it was a cold winter they took their extra money to a utility company and told them to apply the funds to one or more bills. The company said they would use it for those who were almost able to pay their bill, and bring some accounts up to date.

The company was able to do that for more than one family with the small amount tendered by the husband and wife. Later in the year the clerk at the utility told the couple how pleased the families had been. One remarked, “Why would someone we don’t even know help us like that?”

Food pantries are always in need and that is another way to assist. In Hot Springs, S.D., the Ministerial Association, in addition to the food pantry, has a fund to help with true necessities not covered otherwise.

To tap into the fund one simply contacts local law enforcement, says what is needed and why. If the guidelines are met, they will request the funds. Donations to the Ministerial Association for either account would be most welcome.

Perhaps the most important, and certainly the most personal gift, is time. Think of that neighbor who lives alone. Go for a visit, invite them to your home for a meal, however you can reach out will be appreciated.

No matter what you do, take time for yourself and have a Merry Christmas!❖

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