Sanders: Take some time to be thankful |

Sanders: Take some time to be thankful

They say gratitude is an attitude, and it appears to be a valid point. Even on rainy days for those of us who are “solar-powered” and don’t care for sunless days, we are pleased to have the rain — and we surely need it now.

In southwestern South Dakota it doesn’t rain that often so that may make us more aware than others where rain is plentiful. We had a pastor who said when it rains around here, we roll down the windows in the car so we can feel it. If we have a picnic going on, we stay outside and enjoy the moisture.

As farmers and ranchers we don’t complain if the weather holds up our planned work, because we know the rain won’t last long and tomorrow we can get the plans back on track.

Beyond being thankful for any rains we get, we are grateful to live in the US. I’ve lived in Germany and France and visited several other countries. They are fine, but this is a good country.

“When it rains around here, we roll down the windows in the car so we can feel it.”

People will do about anything to get in; in some countries they do about anything to get out. That should tell us something.

I’m glad to have grandkids. They teach me a lot of things that probably happened when our sons were young, but at that time I was too busy to appreciate.

At this stage of life, the grands come and go and we are continually amazed at their skills and antics. They give us a lot to appreciate and enjoy.

The amazing thing is when our kids were young and I was an exhausted mom, everyone said, “Enjoy the time with your kiddos. They grow up way too fast.”

It turns out these folks were right but at the time all I wanted was a good night’s sleep.

These days we see three of our grandchildren several times a week; the other four we only have occasion to love on once or twice a year (In another few weeks I can change that to ‘the other five,’ as there is a baby girl on the way).

I am thankful to live on a farm in the middle of “God’s country,” as we like to call it, yet I know there are others who treasure city living. Isn’t it great that we have choices?

Looking at our pasts also bring up appreciative thoughts. A daily reminder of those from whom we descend is my Gram Wyatt’s “Christmas” cactus that sits next to my office desk.

The plant start came from a cactus that she had. The stems are large and woody, and the blossoms are red/pink; maybe I should call it a Thanksgiving cactus as it’s blooming right now.

Good memories from the past and plans for times to come are more reasons to be thankful.❖

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