Sasse, Nebraska ag leaders meet with secretary of ag nominee |

Sasse, Nebraska ag leaders meet with secretary of ag nominee

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse released the following statement after meeting with President Trump’s secretary of agriculture nominee, former Governor Sonny Perdue. Sen. Sasse and U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary nominee Perdue were joined by Nebraska agriculture leaders, including Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson, Nebraska Cattlemen President Troy Stowater and Nebraska Sugarbeet Growers President Kendall Busch.

“It’s good to introduce the next secretary of agriculture to some of the Nebraskans whose sweat and long hours make us the world’s breadbasket,” Sasse said. “This was a productive conversation with USDA secretary nominee Perdue. We talked about the unique interests of Midwest agriculture, the importance of trade and export markets and Nebraska’s role in feeding a growing world.”

“I want to thank Sen. Sasse for his leadership and work to bring Nebraskans to the table with Gov. Perdue,” Nelson said. “We care about trade because we have to expand new markets and opportunities for Nebraska agricultural products. I’m glad we were able to share Nebraska’s unique challenges and opportunities with the president’s nominee for secretary of agriculture.”

“A huge thank you to Sen. Sasse for the work he does for agriculture in our state,” Stowater said. “Nebraska Cattlemen strongly support the nomination of Sonny Perdue to be the U.S. secretary of agriculture. Gov. Perdue understands that trade is vital to the future of the U.S. beef industry. We look forward to helping him expand opportunities for Nebraska’s beef exports with our global trading partners, and we appreciate his steadfast support for our nation’s livestock producers.”

“I would like to thank Sen. Sasse for his support and leadership,” Busch said. “The sugarbeet growers in western Nebraska are facing trying times. It is important that Sen. Sasse and USDA secretary nominee Sonny Perdue understand the importance of trade and the need to fix the suspension agreements between the U.S. and Mexico. Our growers support a strong farm policy as negotiations begin on a new farm bill and look forward to working together with the secretary.”

— Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

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