Schleining Genetics short courses aimed at new producers

Over the past 17 years of teaching artificial insemination classes, Dallas Schleining has run across a number of small scale or new cattle producers who are interested in expanding their production knowledge. Over the years, he said clients and students alike have posed questions about best practices for animal identification, vaccination, and other foundational management skills.

Dallas Schleining has designed a series of short courses for new producers to learn foundational skills. Photo courtesy Schleining Genetics

From those conversations, the Schleining crew designed Cattle Production Short Courses, single day classes, capped at 10 students that offer both lecture and practical hands-on instruction. The goal, he said, in addition to being affordable and an efficient use of time, is to increase new producers’ knowledge, leaving them confident to apply these best practices at home to their herd.

Among the topics in the series are herd health and vaccinations; basic nutrition and feedstuffs; routine practices; (implanting, ear tagging, branding, tattooing, etc.) cattle handling; and reproductive tools and management. Classes may include guest instructors and live demonstrations.

Cattle handling knowledge is one of the topics delivered in the classroom lecture and practical application model. Photo courtesy Schleining Genetics

Schleining said students may opt to take all or any combination of the courses and he anticipates the series will be offered in both spring and fall.

“It’s a beginners’ class for people who might have a few head or even people who are thinking about getting into the industry,” he said.


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