Schnell installed as LMA president for 2020-2022 |

Schnell installed as LMA president for 2020-2022


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Larry Schnell of Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange in Dickinson, N.D., was installed president of the Livestock Marketing Association at the 2020 Annual LMA Membership Meeting, held virtually on Sunday, Aug. 23. Schnell will complete a two-year term leading the nation’s largest livestock marketing trade association that represents more than 800 local livestock auction markets and allied businesses.

Schnell’s family holds a strong history in the livestock marketing industry. In 1937, Schnell’s grandfather, Ray, founded Schnell’s Livestock Auction Market in Dickinson, using chicken wire fence for a sale ring. In 1977, Schnell became partners with his father and two other individuals, taking over as general manager in 1985. Currently, Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange has two locations in Dickinson and is owned by Larry and his partner, James Erickson.

As LMA president and a market owner, Schnell is actively involved in several livestock industry issues, including the ongoing Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Agriculture packer investigations.

“At this time, the most important industry issue we face is the finished cattle pricing system and how to make it more equitable,” Schnell said. “LMA has been very strong in supporting USDA’s and the DOJ’s investigations looking into the pricing system and seeing if there is anything illegal or unfair. We need to find a competitive pricing mechanism that better serves the cattle producers and cattle feeders our members work so heavily with.”

Additionally, Schnell looks forward to serving his two-year term as president, and continued involvement with LMA and its members.

“I look forward to working with the other committee members, and especially our members across the nation, on topics important to the cattle industry,” Schnell said. “I believe that LMA is a very effective organization for the industry and we hope to keep it that way.”

Aside from LMA, Schnell is also involved in a variety of other organizations and activities. He was formerly the chairman of the North Dakota Beef Council, regional vice president for the Federation of State Beef Councils, president of the North Dakota Auctioneers Association and President of the North Dakota Livestock Marketing Association. Schnell is a former team and calf roper, hockey coach and elder at Evangelical Christian Church in Dickinson. He is also an avid golfer and adult bible school teacher.