Schuler Red Angus 38th Annual Production Sale |

Schuler Red Angus 38th Annual Production Sale

Bill and Michelle Homrighausen, Whitney, Neb., purchased bulls at the Schuler Red Angus sale.
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• TFP Reps: Scott Dirk, Drew Feller

• Date of Sale: March, 26, 2020

• Location: Sale held at the ranch near Bridgeport, Neb.

• Auctioneer: Lex Madden


• 110 Yearling Red Angus bulls avg. $5636

• 25 Schuler Reds Yearling bulls avg. $4040


Schuler Red Angus held their 38th Annual Production sale at the ranch near Bridgeport, Neb. This was a very uniform, deep set of bulls. Powerful performance bulls, with calving ease. The Schuler bulls produce feeder cattle that will feed in the feedlot and grade on the cutting floor.


• Lot 1: 15,000, Schuler Ranchers Dream 9910, 2/19 son of WFL Profitmaker E7030 x Schuler Dynasty 4803B to Walking C Cattle, Lexington, NE

• Lot 2: $12,500, Schuler Rise-N-Shine 9986, 3/19 son of WFL Profitmaker E7030 x 5L Double Design 1177-227W to Bieber Red Angus, Leola, SD

• Lot 10: $ 10,000, Schuler Combo G047, 3/19 son of Brown Oracle B112 x Schuler Rebel D567 to Wedel Red Angus, Leoti, KS

• Lot 19: $9,000. Schuler Peerless 9976, 3/19 son of Schuler Amplify 6206D x Schuler Omygoodness 2121Y to Leland Red Angus, Sidney, MT

• Lot 15: $8500. Schuler First Hand 9828, 4/19 son of Schuler Top Hand D911 x Schuler Endurance 2101Z to Whit Warner, Boise City, OK

• Lot 25: $8500. Schuler Profitmaker G016, 2/19 son of WFL Profitmaker E7030 x 5L Defender 3290-57B to Lone Rock Ranch, Sylvan Grove, KS

Top selling Schuler Reds

Lot 143: $8750. Schuler Red 71 Rebel G606, 2/19 son of Schuler Rebel 0029X x Leachman 10 Karat X235C to Otley Brothers, Diamond, OR ❖


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