Schuler Red Angus 41st Red Angus Bull Sale

A sunny sale morning made for a great morning to view the sale offering.
  • TFP Rep: Jake St. Amant
  • Date of Sale: 03/23/2023
  • Location: Bridgeport, Neb.
  • Auctioneer: Lex Madden
  • Sales Manager: Greg Comstock
  • Averages
    Producers from Nebraska and surrounding states as well as Oklahoma, Oregon and Florida competed for both Red Angus and Schuler Red Composites with the following sale averages: 
    • 117 Red Angus Yearling Bulls averaged: $6,013
    • 32 Schuler Red Composite Yearling Bulls averaged: $4,844 
    • 149 total yearling bulls averaged: $5,762

    High selling Red Angus bulls included: 

    SCHULER LEGIT-K912, Lot 20, a son of deceased marbling legend, 5L Genuine 1603-195C brought $18,000 for one half interest and full possession, going to Pehrson Red Angus of Laurel, Neb. “Legit” turned a 72 lb. birth weight into ratios of 110 weaning, 109 yearling, 109 IMF and 104 REA. 

    SCHULER VERITABLE-K913 sold as Lot 2 going to Blew Partnership of Pretty Prairie, Kan., at $15,000 for one half interest and full possession. Another son of 5L Genuine 1603-195C that spread a best 2% calving ease EPD to heaviest 8% carcass weight with a 175 IMF ratio and a Top 1% Marbling EPD.

    SCHULER RETAIL CUT-K951, Lot 12, was selected by long-time customer, Kenansville Cattle Company of Kenansville, Fla., for $12,000. This son of WFL Retail Cut F8107 combined an 18 CED to 118 yearling weight spread with a 165 IMF ratio. His dam is a 3-year-old daughter of Schuler Confidence C810, who was the high-selling bull in the 2015 Schuler Red Angus sale.

    The Schuler Red Composite offering featured several bulls that ranked in the top 1% for GridMaster, Ribeye Area (REA) and Yield Grade (YG). In fact, the entire Schuler Red Sale offering averaged in the top 4% for YG and Top 5% for REA. The Schuler Red program is now in its third decade of providing ranchers with a user-friendly solution to profit through increased heterosis and breed complementarity without increasing mature size. Buyers were able to select between uniform sire groups that varied from ½ to 7/8 Red Angus genetics presented in a polled, solid red package with guaranteed docility.

    Three Schuler Red Composite bulls tied for high-selling honors at $8,000 each. They were Lots 136, 139, and 142 going to repeat customers: Deb Wacker, Colo., Brian Wilson, Neb., and Jon Montgomery, Neb., respectively.

    Repeat customers of the Schuler program, CK Ranch, KS and Kenansville Cattle Company, Fla., returned to make volume selections from the 41st annual offering. 

    Sale Report by Greg Comstock
  • Comments
    Schuler Red Angus – Sale Report

    The Schuler family hosted their 41st Annual Bull Sale March 23rd at the ranch near Bridgeport, Neb. A beautiful sale day belied the incredible winter weather that Schulers and the neighboring ranchers had endured since before Christmas.

    The winter weather put the Schuler’s mantra of “Get the Cow Right First” to the test, but dozens of 2-year-old pairs greeted sale goers as they drove onto the ranch sale day, demonstrating the program’s maternal prowess. Further evidence of the Schuler’s four decades of selection for fertility and longevity was demonstrated with 90% of the bulls in the sale offering being AI sired. Schuler Red Angus has led the Red Angus breed in carcass data collection since 1991 and has contributed 20% of the breed’s total carcass data. Annually, the Schuler program tests young sires for both carcass and feed efficiency to ensure the bulls they offer produce offspring demanded by downstream beef industry customers.
David Schuler makes comments on the block.
A sunny sale morning made for a great morning to view the sale offering.
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