Sellman Ranch Annual Bull Sale

TFP Rep: Jake Stamant

Date of Sale: 04/15/2022

Location: Crawford Livestock Market, Crawford, Neb.

Auctioneer: Greg Goggins

Sale Averages:

109 Angus Bulls Avg. $4344.00

9 Hereford Bulls Avg $3638.00

4 SimAngus Bulls Avg. $2687.00

Top Bulls:

Lot 90 SR Rainmaker 1042 Sold for $10,000.00 to Jim Skavdahl – Marsland, NE

Lot 55 SR Dry Valley 1047 Sold for $9,250.00 to Matt Dolezal – Rushville, NE

Lot 92 SR Rainmaker 1057 Sold for $8,000.00 to Bruce & Marie Wohlers – Crawford, NE

Lot 42 SR Accomplishment 1080 Sold for $8,000.00 to Darby & Autumn Jespersen- Hemingford, NE

Lot 31 SR Emerald 1016 Sold for $7,750.00 to Mike Hollibaugh – Chadron, NE

Lot 97 SR Unique 1116 Sold for $7,750.00 to Don & Pam Mandelko – Whitney, NE

Lot 140 SR Spitfire 0256 Sold for $7,750.00 to Kyle Daugherty – Alliance, NE

Lot 129 SR Accomplishment 0054 Sold for $7,000.00 to TJ Manning – Hemingford, NE


The Sellman Ranch and family put together a set of Angus, Hereford and SimAngus bulls that had quality from end to end in each of the breeds offering. Sale day had a great crowd on hand and brought good weather.


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