Senate reaches deal on bill to avoid shutdown

Senate Democrats and Republicans late today reached a deal on a bill to avoid a government shutdown and provide funding to Ukraine, The New York Times reported.
The Times said, “The legislation cleared its first procedural obstacle Tuesday night on a bipartisan vote of 77 to 19. It would keep government funding flowing through Nov. 17 to allow more time for negotiations over yearlong spending bills and provide about $6 billion for the Ukraine war effort as well as approximately $6 billion for disaster relief in the wake of a series of wildfires and floods.”
The House is unlikely to accept it, but the pressure on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is intense, the Times added. McCarthy said he would put forward a measure to keep the government open before the fiscal year ends on Saturday at midnight.
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement, “The Senate’s bipartisan continuing resolution will keep the government open, make a down payment on disaster relief, and is an important show of support for Ukraine. House Republicans should join the Senate in doing their job, stop playing political games with peoples’ lives, and abide by the bipartisan deal two-thirds of them voted for in May.”
Five House members hold the key to whether the government will be funded, National Journal said in an analysis.
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